Thursday Doors: The Mariner

While visiting sunny San Diego over the holidays, we visited Coronado for a quick walk on the dog beach area. Walking back to the car, I saw this amazing door! They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; These see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in … Continue reading Thursday Doors: The Mariner

Anticipa-a-tion, It’s Keeping Me Waiting…

Last year, while visiting family in San Diego during Christmas week, I snapped this photo of my nieces contemplating with Anticipation  the coming of Santa on Christmas Eve. We took a leisurely stroll on Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach to get out of the house and watch the surfers. My nieces may look patient, but … Continue reading Anticipa-a-tion, It’s Keeping Me Waiting…

Inseparable Partners

  My dogs, both six years old now, are inseparable partners. Gideon, the blonde terrier mix who loves to chase the ball, makes a soft headrest for his younger brother from another litter, Aero. Aero ended up with the Cocker genes. Although Gideon belongs to my daughter, these two pals go everywhere we go, including … Continue reading Inseparable Partners

Mandatory Board Meeting

While vacationing in Baja Sur, Mexico, we visited Vela Windsports in Los Barrilles. On the beach was this configuration of surfboards. Nothing says Harmony like a beach board meeting. I would volunteer to be the chairperson of this meeting. Before I retired from the daily grind, it seemed there were endless meetings. My least favorites were … Continue reading Mandatory Board Meeting

Defying Gravity

Weight(less) I am traveling home after a nice long vacation in Baja Sur, Mexico. For my Leisurely Thursday post, I could not resist including another set of photos for the Weekly Photo Challenge. I took these photos on my last day in La Ventana.  The warm desert air combined with the 72 degree water of the Sea … Continue reading Defying Gravity

Circling to Now

As another year cycles around to begin anew, I share three photos depicting two themes from the weekly photo challenges of Circle and Now. If you have been following my blog lately, you know I am travelling in San Diego and Baja Sur, Mexico. We spent Christmas in San Diego with family. The day after Christmas, was … Continue reading Circling to Now

Thursday Doors at Baja Joe’s

Happy New Year from Baja Joe's resort in La Ventana, Baja Sur, Mexico! The doors to the vast resort garage are hidden by the huge mural that covers the entire building. This is my submission for Norm 2.0's weekly Thursday Doors challenge. Behind these doors lie a wondrous array of windsurf and kiteboard equipment. The doors … Continue reading Thursday Doors at Baja Joe’s

Ornate Coastal Culture

The Weekly Photo Challenge invites us to post a photo of something that can be described as “Ornate.” The word ornate conjures up the synonym, “elaborate," marked by intricate and often excessive detail; complicated; Ornate. In the Palomar Hotel in downtown San Diego, as I walked around the lobby, filled with surf and coastal culture … Continue reading Ornate Coastal Culture

Leisure Connects Us

Connected Participating in leisure connects us like nothing else. To be able to fill leisure intelligently is the last product of civilization.  Arnold J. Toynbee A man looks toward the beach as kite-boarders get ready to launch their kites. Behind him are stand-up paddle boards waiting for customers to come out and play. Perhaps he … Continue reading Leisure Connects Us

Happiness Is…Being Happy

What makes you happy? I spent an entire weekend at home...during the summer! A rare occurrence for me. After all the traveling I have done this month, a weekend at home made me really happy. Because my slight knee injury is preventing me from taking part in my usual leisure activities, I will share two … Continue reading Happiness Is…Being Happy

A Day in the Life of a Delta Windsurfer

Today is Leisurely Thursday and my feature shares thoughts about sports and ageing as well as highlights a day in the life of a Sacramento delta windsurfer. Windsurfing at Sherman Island If you follow my blog, you know that I windsurf. So? you may ask? A lot of people do fun leisure activities. I basically … Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Delta Windsurfer

Desiderata–You Are a Child of the Universe

Happy Saturday and last day of February, 2015! I had to share this post again with this back story. I had some business on my university campus last summer and as I stood in line, a young woman in front of me sported a tattoo with some of the words from this poem: "You are … Continue reading Desiderata–You Are a Child of the Universe