patiently waiting for Christmas in San Diego

Last year, while visiting family in San Diego during Christmas week, I snapped this photo of my nieces contemplating with Anticipation  the coming of Santa on Christmas Eve. We took a leisurely stroll on Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach to get out of the house and watch the surfers.

My nieces may look patient, but trust me, they put on a good show to avoid mom’s stern looks, when they asked for the 10th time, “when are we going home to open our Christmas Eve gifts?”

And don’t be jealous of this Southern California sunshine! It can get cold! It was a whopping 50 degrees that day!

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13 thoughts on “Anticipa-a-tion, It’s Keeping Me Waiting…

  1. I was wondering when someone was going to post those lyrics. It’s 19 here but feels like 9, snowing, and a high of 0 predicted for tomorrow (pre-windchil and a low of – 16), up from -5 predicted a few days ago. 50 sounds like the tropics. But I know California can get cold, too.


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