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Hello and thank you for contacting me!

To reach me right away for casual inquiries, please scroll straight to the contact form.

I am Available for Freelance Work

If you are a blogger, brand or marketing rep and would like to work with Second Wind Leisure Perspectives, please use the contact form below. I work with a variety of brands and services provided they represent what I write about. Please be specific with your request or interest. I am only interested in guest posts on my blog if I can add my guest post to yours. I offer product reviews and sponsored posts. I would be happy to discuss options, however I do not work for free on most projects.

I specialize in writing blog posts, articles, web content and newsletters. I am currently accepting new clients.

My base rates:

Blog posts: $100 per post with your images (no editing). $150 per post with image editing/curation

Articles: $200 per article with your images (no editing). $300 per article with image editing/curation. Includes time for research.

Web content writing, creation and editing: $90 per hour (2-hour minimum), depending on content.

Newsletter: Contact me.

While my rates are negotiable, I do not work for free. After all, I have bills to pay.

Please e-mail me at twschrandt (AT) outlook (dot) com or use the form. Get in touch to discuss your needs now.



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