Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful Athlete

Gracefulness comes in many forms, whether it is embodied in the images of birds, swaying trees, or beautiful art.

Athletes also embody their own forms of gracefulness as shown in this older photo of my daughter playing volleyball in her college years.

A graceful hit yet powerful hit scores!

I believe this photo shows not only the strength of an athlete in motion, but the gracefulness as she flies through the air to “put down the ball.”

Yesterday, she turned 29 years old. Happy birthday to my graceful daughter!

Another Graceful  photo for the weekly photo challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gracefulness Defined

Snowy egret stands in grace

A graceful snowy egret contemplates its reflection in the waters of San Diego harbor.

Gracefulness has been defined to be the outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul. ~William Hazlitt

Gracefulness Quote

Graceful is the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday January 18th 2017 – Links, Ambiance, Glimpses, All you can eat, Cee’s Challenge

Sally includes some wonderful bloggers in this round-up, including yours truly! Please take a moment and visit these bloggers and see what they are up to!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Debby Gies is a goldmine of information on blogging and social media and in this post, she covers the topic of links.. Amazon or otherwise so that your posts look neater and that they work effectively.

P.S. I Forgive You by D.G. Kaye

‘You know how we can sometimes get so used to doing some things that it can almost seem robotic? Well, it occurred to me, after reading my daily news articles on publishing, that just because some little tricks have become second nature to me, others may not be aware of this important tip on cleaning up your links.

This little nugget of information is important for authors and for bloggers who write posts promoting their books or featured guest posts of other authors and sharing the URLs of all books.’

Read on...https://dgkayewriter.com/are-you-cleaning-up-your-amazon-links-be-careful-sharing-book-links/


Terri Webster -Schrandt with some thoughts on making your blog more welcoming.. Does your blog have ambiance?

‘Ambiance is “the…

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For the Love of Reading–Book Review: Vampyrie: Origin of the Vampire

Read my book reviews on For the Love of Reading

Now that I am a self-published indie author, I very much appreciate book reviews! In the world of blogging, I am honored to know a growing number of indie authors who are self-publishing books. My goal on this blog is to review at least one book per month. You will find the reviews on my page, For the Love of Reading.

Today, I introduce Author Tina Frisco’s newest book Vampyrie: Origin of the Vampire. 

Author Tina FriscoFrom the Author

I always have been fascinated by the myth of the vampire and often have wondered if the phenomenon actually could exist. My background in medicine led me to speculate about how this might have a basis in reality. If rooted in science, how might this myth come to life? The most likely answer would be as a physical disorder or disease.

One day during my morning walk, the word Valkyrie came to mind. As many of you know, a valkyrie is one of a host of female helping spirits of the god Odin in Norse mythology. Depicted as both loving and bloodthirsty, valkyries decide who lives and who dies in battle. They also assist Odin in transporting his favorites among the slain to Valhalla, the hall where he houses the dead whom he deems worthy of dwelling with him. In my novel, Valkyrie becomes Vampyrie and Valhalla becomes the Haven.

Book Description

Vampyrie: Origin of the Vampire

What if vampires were not the undead, but rather the dying? What if there were two factions among vampires: the sustained and the unsustainable? And what if those factions were at war with one another over the life of a young woman who promised them a future? VAMPYRIE brings the myth of the vampire into the realm of possibility.

This book is available on Amazon



5 stars My Five Star Amazon Review

Normally, I am not a fan of vampire or other “monster” genre stories, but when I read the book’s description, along with Frisco’s idea for the book, I was intrigued. Plus, I am fascinated with the Viking myths. As I read this, it reminded me loosely of an old 70s movie, Frankenstein: The True Story, which told the classic monster story from a psychological and scientific point of view.

Author Tina Frisco offers a compelling and realistic view of the origin of vampires. The characters in Vampyrie are believable, although their penchant for keeping secrets delivers the story slowly, like the peeling of an onion, but with good results. The inexorable development of the heroine, Phoebe, is satisfying to see as she comes to grips with her past and her true identity.

This is not your average horror-genre vampire story, complete with bloody fangs, but a scientific, what-if story that is guaranteed to draw the reader into its paranormal plot with a sci-fi twist. Frisco’s writing is on-point, snappy and consistent. This is a page turner that will hold a reader’s interest for hours! What the Twilight series did for paranormal romance in the world of vampires, Vampyrie does with a realistic, medical explanation for the origin of the vampire.

You can find more of Tina’s books on her wonderful blog


Macro Moments Challenge: Week 26

Fellow Northern Californian and photographer/blogger Susan is still taking your macro photos for this week’s challenge.

Here is mine, titled,

“Hurry Up, Spring!”

Hurry up Spring!

This is last year’s yellow crocus, fresh after a light rain! Shot with my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. Watch out though, I’m upping my game with a “real” camera!

The Macro Moments Challenge is a weekly feature! Visit Musin with Susan for details!


Ambiance in the Blogosphere

Ambiance is “the character and atmosphere of a place.”

Our blog sites create their own ambiance, where we bloggers carefully craft our pages to be inviting and a warm place to visit.

Each blogger creates his or her own character (some might call it a brand), by choosing a nice theme, compelling images and colors they love. In a previous post, I offered some easy ways to refresh your website.

With that idea, I submit for the weekly photo challenge, the Ambience  created when spending face time with a fellow blogger.

Terri and Liesbet enjoy a warm fire
A little ambiance next to the fire!

Liesbet and I met by way of a blogosphere introduction through Janis of Retirementally Challenged.

Liesbet and Mark spent two nights with us in between house sits. They recently spent a few months in Rocklin, a suburb of Roseville, CA. They had not yet visited the American River Bike Trail, so on a sunny, cold day, we took a walk along the trail and beheld a very full American River. They are off to the north Bay area for their next adventure!

For more ambiance, visit these blogs:
Lisa Dorenfest  –her pages are filled with her amazing photos of her life sailing the ocean.

Roaming About  –Liesbet has sailed with Lisa!

Trail Walker  –her pages are filled with stunning photography of lovely birds and wildlife.

What ambiance does your blogsite create?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Taking Names

The WordPress weekly photo challenge offers a new theme every Friday. This week it is Names.

This photo was taken in San Francisco’s China Town. My name: Webster Street, complete with Chinese characters.

Street Name in San Francisco's China Town


While in San Diego recently, I used my new camera (its name, by the way, is Panasonic Lumix FZ300) to get these shots of San Diego’s downtown from the Point Loma area, looking east.


Boat name Top Gun80 anchored near downtown San Diego

Upon closer inspection, using full zoom, I not only captured a nice boat name for the challenge, but I spied two sea birds in the photo: a seagull on the left, and a heron standing right above the #80. I just noticed this as I was preparing the post for publishing.

I told you this camera was fab!

Also in this photo, you see San Diego’s Embarcadero as well as the coastal mountain range in the background. It was a very clear Winter day!

A little less closer up is another boat with its name properly highlighted. The background shows us the beautiful downtown with San Miguel mountain in the background. If you don’t focus too closely with your eyes, you can even see a thin layer of smog seemingly hanging over the mountains. Oh well.

The "First String" moored at San Diego Harbor

Since we are on the subject of names, I discovered San Diego was named by someone other than European explorer, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo OR Franciscan friar, Junipero Serra.

According to the San Diego Historical Society, Spanish explorer Sebastian Vizcaino arrived in San Diego in November 1602 after sailing from Acapulco the previous May. It took his fleet six months to reach San Diego’s bay. San Diego was the name of Vizcaino’s flagship (he had four ships, but only three made it to San Diego). He declared the area to be named San Diego, both in honor of his ship and for the feast of San Diego de Alcala (a Spanish Franciscan) which occurred on November 12. (from SanDiego About.com)

I hope you enjoyed the boats and sunshine!