Coffee, Birthdays and Colds


I had big plans this weekend: finish my Christmas decor, attend church to enjoy some advent and share some coffee with my readers today, while enjoying my birthday.

If we were having coffee (or tea) today, I would sit in another room so as not to give you my germs from the head cold that has found me despite my best efforts to avoid it.

I did manage to finish my Christmas decorations, mainly putting up my small artificial tree, which I have not done since 2011. How do I know, you ask, as we sip my coffee blend of chocolate-cinnamon Colombian roast? My hubby wrote detailed instructions on the info sheet that came with the tree and dated it. When I hauled out the huge bag of tree parts, which have to be assembled, the instructions were there for the small tree. These instructions include color-coded branches. Sigh. This particular tree can be 8 feet tall. I put up the 4-foot version this year.

I do love decorating for Christmas, even though we do not get too many visitors for the holidays. With our families primarily living in San Diego, we choose to spend Christmas there. When hubby moved his household items in a few years ago to my small house, there was barely room to put up even a small Christmas tree. This year, I just wanted to have a tree. Here is a close-up of my blue-themed tree.

ornament close-up

As I am sitting here enjoying coffee with my hubby and your virtual selves, he is reading out loud from an internet source that the practice of placing candles on birthday cake originated in 18th-century Germany.

Did I mention today is my birthday? I can probably count on four hands how many times I have been sick on my birthday, especially in my younger adult years. I guess the cold is here to remind me of those younger years, not that I can’t remember all by myself and without a stuffy nose. At least at my age (over the first hill toward 60), my head colds aren’t too severe.

When I opened up Google chrome this morning, this is what I saw:

image from google
google image not used by permission, but I doubt they care

How does Google know it’s my birthday? How does Google know that when I typed in that question, it got to here: “How does google know it’s…” and populated “my birthday”?

Internet privacy? bahahahahaha! If you blog and share anything, Google knows you! There, I said it. Plus I have been thoroughly enjoying the Happy Birthday posts and virtual cards and stickers from my Facebook friends and family.

I set my alarm last night just before I downed my extra-large Nyquil dose, hoping I could drag myself out of bed to get ready for church this morning. Nope. Didn’t happen. Second advent Sunday I have missed this year.

Even still, I hope the advent season is finding you well, happy and healthy. If you found me on Facebook and wished my happy birthday already, thank you and bless you!

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Online Thieves are Looking for You by Bob Lowry

Media thieves are looking for you. Don't leave yourself vulnerableThis is the time of year where we are all most vulnerable to online thieves and hackers. posts some great articles focusing on the Boomer lifestyle!

Connected world

Online Thieves Are Looking For You by Bob Lowry

The holiday shopping season has begun in earnest. Projections are a 10% increase in online sales over last year, which already set records. Unfortunately, that means a growing opportunity for those who want to separate you from your money, your online identity, or plant an infected piece of software on your computer.

I received information from Enigma Software Group, a company that markets anti-malware software. There were sobering statistics on the spike in growth of this dangerous phenomenon.  The company also gave me some tips to pass along to help keep you safe. Be on high alert for:

1) Spam emails and links promising great deals. Malware makers know that people will be on the lookout for great prices on everything from Xboxes to phones. They’ll send bogus emails promising super low prices.

And those emails will contain links that can install malware…

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7 Sure-Fire Ways To Keep Your Blog Business Moving Forward During Holidays

Do you blog during the holidays? Some do, some don’t. Last year, I personally traveled for three weeks and did not attend to my blog much other than to post for the weekly photo challenge. Read how some of my favorite bloggers handle their blogging breaks!

Elena Peters

Are you looking forward to the holidays? I know I am. It is a time to re-connect with family and friends (in real 3-D life) and take a little breather from a blogging year well done. It was crispy at some parts and a little undercooked in others, but never the less done, D O N E.

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It’s Not This Time of Year Without Holiday Thursday Doors

Fall and Christmas come together for Thursday Doors

It’s not this time of year without…

…holiday decorations on porches and doors!

We spent the Thanksgiving holidays in Spokane, Washington.  After eating wa-a-ay too much dessert (yes, all week long), I took one of many walks. Our family lives in the beautiful Dishman Hills area and walking up and down those hills is great exercise.

If you just believe

The day after Thanksgiving, the residents jumped in and started decorating. I love the simplicity of this one. “Believe!”
This photo screams Merry Hallowgiving! Or Happy Thanks O’ween?

Merry Hallowgiving!

These photos demonstrate their creativity as well as their penchant for combining more than one holiday theme. I think they made it work.

These photos are submitted for Thursday Doors hosted by Norm 2.0 and for the weekly photo challenge It’s Not This Time of Year Without…

Bow-Ties for Warriors

New Titan bow tie line made for event

And by warriors, I mean people who give back to their communities.

Have you heard of Leonard Simpson, the Fashion Forward® founder and popular, San Diego media personality?

His signature fundraising event, 10 Best Dressed Awards, recently commenced its 9th gala on Thursday, November 17, honoring 15 women and 12 men within the San Diego community for their philanthropic efforts “…for being generous, compassionate and courageous in helping others world-wide.”

“Leonard believes that the best way to get dressed is with ‘the Gloves of Compassion and a Coat of Courage’™ marking the recognition of over 160 honorees to date.”

This year’s theme was “En Pointe at the Prado,” benefiting the San Diego Civic Youth Ballet. In addition to the black-tie awards ceremony, attendees were treated to a theatrical show, all held at Balboa Park’s Prado Ballroom and Casa del Prado Theater.

A variety of awards, including Lifetime Achievement and Best Dressed, were given to active members of the San Diego community in recognition of their philanthropic contributions in journalism, fashion, and leadership.

Bow-Ties awards for 10 Best awards recipientsCarey Reddick II, CEO and founder of Above-Time, Inc was asked to provide a bow-tie award packet to each of the male honorees. “We developed the new ‘Titan’ line of bow-ties specifically for this event. Above-Time is honored to give back to the community once again.”
The letter inserted in each award package read:
Congratulations on being selected for this prestigious event. Your giving heart and sense of style has placed you among other fashionable local San Diegans.

Above-Time would like to not only applaud you on your sense of style but also provide you with a stylish bow-tie fashioned specifically for you. This bow-tie signifies the battles you endured and overcame. The pendant in the center of the bow-tie signifies the warrior in you.”

a glimpse of titan bow-tie line

The Titan Warrior Couture Line will launch soon as a limited, exclusive product.

The future looks bright for Above-Time. A December fashion show will end 2016 on a high note, while 2017 is shaping up to be another exciting year, as Reddick and company prepare for New York Fashion week and the spring launch of the new rash guard.

Although this is a sponsored post, the intent of this article is not to sell a product, but to focus attention and awareness on the growth and evolution of the Above-Time brand. Opinions are my own.

Thanks for reading!


#Glimpses – Prelaunch Blog Party

Join the Glimpses pre-launch blog party over at Hugh’s Views and News! I just met some great new bloggers here!

Hugh's Views & News

I’m celebrating the upcoming publication of my first book, Glimpses, and from now until December 2nd, I’d like to invite everyone to my prelaunch blog party.

Glimpses - Prelaunch Blog Party poster

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. In the comments section of this post, write a brief introduction of who you are and attach a link to one of your blog posts or your ‘about me’ page.
  2. Mingle. Check out all the other comments and go meet lots of other bloggers and their blogs and introduce yourself. Don’t be shy, go say hello.
  3. During the time the party runs, feel free to come back and leave up to two other links to blog posts. They don’t have to be blog posts from your blog; why not surprise a fellow blogger you follow, introduce them and leave a link to one of their blog posts?
  4. If you’re an author and would like to promote up to three…

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Who Has a New Book? I’m a Guest Author on D.G. Kaye

Better Blogging cover

I am honored to be a guest author on DG Kaye’s Guest Author Friday feature today! She is a prolific author with many books. Please visit Debby’s website for the rest of the article!

Originally written and published on:

Who Has a New Book? Terri Webster Schrandt – Better #Blogging with #Photography