Sunday Stills: #Texture is All Around Us

This week’s Sunday Stills Photography challenge is all about texture. Textures occur both in nature and in human-made materials, and it all around us. A random photo of a mundane item can yield extraordinary textures you might not have noticed with just the naked eye.

In texture photography, it’s all about patterns, colors and depth, and every single detail of a texture plays a significant role in the overall perception of the photograph.

This photo of Aero laying on my bed shows the contrast in textures of his cocoa-brown fur against the soft textiles of the bed linens.

Textures of Aero and bed linens

In this image captured at our local elementary school, I love the textures of the flags hung on the fence.

Textures of autumn flags

Texture can appear both in macro photography and in landscape photography.

Today I have the pleasure of sharing two photos by Molly from Shallow Reflections. She mentioned Maine has its peak Autumn colors now and graciously sent me several photos to use!

I love the textures she captured in this garden gnome, not only in the carving’s materials, but in the surrounding garden. Totally serendipitous she sent me this photo full of texture…

Textured woodland gnome

Molly also sent me this stunning Autumn image of trees reflected in a lake. I’m sure the live view showed the textural contrast against the reflected two-dimensional view of the trees.

Autumn textures

I’m submitting Molly’s beautiful tree image for this week’s Sunday Trees.

And for Dawn’s weekly feature Festival of Leaves.

Here is one of my own Autumn textures to add:

Maple begins to turn to seed

Textures can also appear in music, food, writing, the list goes on.

How will you interpret “texture” this week? Please link to this post and add to the link-up!

Autumn SIGNature


80 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: #Texture is All Around Us

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  3. Beautiful photos, Terri, and a wonderful visual interpretation of the “texture” theme. I just want to join Aero on your bed and snuggle with him for hours. 🙂 Fall has been following us on our way south as well. Or, have we been following fall?

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  7. I love Maine and that picture of the colors makes me want to go there in the fall! We have only been in summer, when we go on a windjammer for a week. I think I am pretty aware of textures because of the how the play of textures makes home décor more interesting. I am always adding texture with a throw or a pillow or some other kind of home décor. Even with beautiful colors or patterns, things always look flat without texture.

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  8. This was a great prompt thanks Terri, as it really got me thinking! I enjoyed reasearching what texture actually means and sharing some photos that I think reflect texture. Your shots are fab and show a great variety of textures. I love autumn for the colour and variety. I have linked up as you know and appreciate you sharing my post. It’s great to be back thinking creatively and learning along the way.

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  14. Plenty of autumn colours here in Wales, Terri. We’ve also just had 7 inches of rain in two days, so many of the leaves have come down in the 70mph winds that came with the rain.
    Molly’s photos are amazing. She’s captured autumn at her very best.
    Having just put up my Halloween lights, I’m now in full Autumnal mode. 🎃

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    1. Autumn and Halloween are so fun! I’m so glad Molly could share her Fall in Maine with us, Hugh! We are in the 80 degree temps this week (again) with north winds. Worried about fires, but rain is rumored to be on the way! Sounds cozy in your part of the world!!

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    1. Fall is full of texture (as some of the “fall” keeps texturing my floor) that my dogs drag in! Thanks so much, Donna! I saw your birthday is today as I write this and I hope you are having a wonderful day. My hubby’s was yesterday and he did it up big!


  15. Hi Terri, I love the texture in the flags photo. I was trying to figure out what it was!
    Molly’s pix of the trees/lake is stunning. I didn’t know she was a photographer as well as an excellent blogger!!
    I already knew of your amazing talent!

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  26. HI Terri
    All of the photographs are beautiful. You bring up an interesting point in how texture shows up in music, food, and writing etc. It challenges me to look at my life and be more observant of the texture in my day to day activities.

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  27. We are still waiting for our fall colors to arrive but I love seeing others photos. Autumn is definitely a texture-full season. The flags are very cool! 🙂

    Here are my photos for the week-

    Have a great day! -Kat

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  31. I love all your photos featuring texture, Terri. The photo of Aero is a great representation of texture as is the one of the flags. And thank you for including two of my pictures in this weeks’ Sunday Stills. I was so excited to see which photos you chose from the ones I sent you and I was not surprised about the gnome. I was positive you would use that one! We’ve just passed our peak foliage so I’m glad I got the shots I did last weekend. It’s still beautiful but we had a lot of wind last week so lots of leaves have fallen.

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