clover and rain drops

Sunday Stills: Up #Close and Personal to #Green

This week’s Sunday Stills Photo challenge has you getting THISCLOSE to something green! I always think of March being a “green” month what with St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th and all. We can expect spring to show its glory with colorful florals and wondrous greens! “If the subject you are photographing is small and …

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Textures of autumn flags

Sunday Stills: #Texture is All Around Us

This week's Sunday Stills Photography challenge is all about texture. Textures occur both in nature and in human-made materials, and it all around us. A random photo of a mundane item can yield extraordinary textures you might not have noticed with just the naked eye. In texture photography, it’s all about patterns, colors and depth, …

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Autumn Birch Tree

A Festival of Leaves and Some #FREE #Photos

If you have followed this blog for any length of time, you probably know I LOVE photography and combine that with my love for Autumn! Growing up in San Diego, there wasn't much to see in the way of Autumn leaves as the palm and eucalyptus trees didn't yield to Fall's changes. Once in a …

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Mangrove Tree in Palm Grove, Balboa Park, San Diego

A #Sunday of #Trees in Balboa Park

Welcome to my first post for Sunday Trees! As I continue my extended blogging break (more of a break from writing, with an emphasis on photography), I wanted to add another photo challenge and this fits the bill nicely! I will be digging up some of my "oldies-but-goodies" tree photos to give them a chance …

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Chinese maple leaves in close-up after the rain

Monthly Photo Challenge: Autumn’s Blush

Autumn had a very s-l-o-wwwww start here in Northern California. On Halloween the temperature was 86 degrees. The next day, November 1st, it rained. All day. Then the next. The nights finally got cold enough to push the deciduous trees into their autumn dormancy, hence the changing leaf colors. November is the second to last …

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October Maple Reflection

Monthly Photo Challenge: Green is the New Orange

I am participating in Cardinal Guzman's year-long monthly photo challenge that began in January. Each month bloggers post photos of their neighborhood or an area that will show the changing seasons over one year. I chose my front yard's Chinese Maple tree. When I started this challenge in January, the maple tree was bare. (Go …

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Blue Light Special

Close Up The weekly photo challenge is all about the close-up. Ordinarily, I am a landscape photographer looking for the grand, sweeping view. Taking close-up shots with my Samsung phone was fun and interesting. We still have party lights and festive paper lanterns hanging from our redwoods in our backyard. I hope you enjoy the …

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Tree Farm

Sunday Stills: Spooky Tree Farm

For Ed's Sunday Stills, Agriculture challenge, I found a photo of this tree farm I took from Oregon Highway 94 in central Oregon, as we were travelling for Thanksgiving holidays from Portland to Spokane. As we drove by, we saw acres and miles of these tree farms. You can see how closely the trees are …

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Chinese Maple tree

Monthly Photo Challenge, the Changing Seasons: March

March is here and spring has sprung! Much of the USA has been dealing with cold, extreme weather, while the West Coast is experiencing a fourth dry year. Aside from the vernal equinox, and some countries changing to daylight savings time (still feeling the effects!), March also celebrates Pi Day (3-14) and St Patrick's Day. …

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Chinese maple January

Changing Seasons: Monthly Photo Challenge

A new photo challenge is available, this one by Cardinal Guzman I love the changing seasons and my photo will be a simple entry. This is my Chinese Maple tree in my front yard. Boring, huh? The maple still has some desperately clinging leaves. You can see the fog in the background, typical of Sacramento …

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