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Calm waters beckon kayaks
Calm waters beckon kayakers at the Aquatic Center

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you that I was so busy over the past few days that I had to combine my two favorite blogging events into one post! Each Sunday, I participate in the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Diana at Part-time Monster! All are welcome to join!

I also participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is “Happy Place;” asking bloggers to show where we go to get our groove back!

Friday was spent at the Aquatic Center operated by Sacramento State University. One of my classes, Leisure Lifestyle Development, has a required team-building assignment. My students had to spend part of their Friday having fun! Imagine that. Teaching as an adjunct lecturer takes me to my happy place. It is not every day one sees college students smiling at a school assignment.

I do believe many found their happy place, too!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I love the month of October! The weather in Northern California is still warm during the day, but cool at night. The leaves are just beginning to show their fall colors. We celebrate many family birthdays in October so we are on the go. Family birthdays are events that certainly make me happy!

As a lecturer, I thoroughly enjoy teaching students about the importance of leisure. Since I speak from experience, please indulge me as I share the leisure spaces that bring me joy and happiness.

Have a glorious week!

43 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: My Happy Places

  1. Incredible photos. We’re almost into Summer now and the kids were out kayaking at scouts last Saturday and sailing. I needed a quiet day but hope to get there soon. Hope you have a great week. I would have to see looking at the water is my happy place. I seem to love all sorts of water. It’s so calming…even when the waves are crashing violently on the rocks. Hope you have a great week xx Rowena

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  2. Beautiful photos! And great topic. I think I need to get out to my happy place. It’s been a busy summer and early fall, and I need some recharging. And perfect timing, because today is Canadian Thanksgiving, and in Japan, it’s Sports Day (I call the day “Sportsgiving”). So, I am thankful that you’ve reminded me to get out to my happy place, which happens to be the sport of paddleboarding.

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  3. Some absolutely beautiful places here, that would bring joy and happiness. Like yourself, our colours are changing as well in Canada. Breathtaking beautiful. I do enjoy being by water, but have to drive at least 13 miles to do that. Without driving I can go for a run in the woods outside my village. I am in my happy place.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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