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The weekly photo challenge is all about the close-up. Ordinarily, I am a landscape photographer looking for the grand, sweeping view. Taking close-up shots with my Samsung phone was fun and interesting. We still have party lights and festive paper lanterns hanging from our redwoods in our backyard. I hope you enjoy the Blue Light Specials today.

Blue-Light-Special More-Blue-Lights


21 thoughts on “Blue Light Special

  1. Nice pictures. I love those lights, they’re the same as we hang on our Christmas tree. 🙂 They’re very good photos, especially for a phone.

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  2. Great close-ups, Terri! I love the “blue light special” 🙂 and the fact that your backyard must be an awesome place to party! I can imagine how pretty it looks at night, all lit up!
    Keep up the good work with the close-ups!

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    1. Hi Janice, hope you had a nice vacation. I stopped by business account. It was tied to my consulting business and made it difficult to deal with my personal account. Unless you are going to sell something from Pinterest, I would use a personal account if you already have one. I have my blog and consulting boards there and they get great traffic. You should research the pros and cons though.


  3. I am so impressed with the quality of photos your phone takes! They are so three dimensional! As though if I ran my fingers over the tree-bark it would leave the smell of pine. And the colors. Just amazing..oh and choice of subject spot on.

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