Today marks Daylight Saving Time in North America and 81 other countries in the world. We “spring forward” in March and lose that precious hour of sleep in order to get more daylight in the afternoon.

Quote coffee
Original photo by Lexi Ruskell on Unsplash

I preferred DST to begin in April and end in October like it used to. It is so dark in the mornings!

As a result, I feel that hour difference for as long as 4 weeks. Even my dogs look for their dinner when the sunlight hits the sky at a certain angle.

DAYLIGHT is this week’s theme for Sunday Stills.

Enough complaining though…let’s celebrate daylight with some fabulous photos!

There is nothing like starting the day with a glorious sunrise!

Sunrise over Sea of Cortez
Sea of Cortez, in Baja Sur, Mexico

Daylight casts shadows…

Shadow of the dog walker
Long shadows, short dog!

Aero casts a shadow and a reflection!

Aero cavorts on dog beach accompanied by his shadow and reflection
Aero loves the beach!

How about a sunset paddle?

sunset paddle session
Sun sets on stand-up paddlers on the Sacramento River in the Delta

Daylight would not be complete without a beautiful sunset!

Day is Done
Spring delta sunset

The sunset on the wind turbines is my entry to Becky B’s March Spiky Squares.

Please share your original images, poems, favorite quotations, and more that depict what daylight means to you.

And if it applies, I hope you remembered to set your clocks forward (yes, I have several manual clocks that need to be re-set). Enjoy the daylight!


76 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: #Daylight Hours

  1. In Sweden we change from “winter time” to “summer time” the night between Saturday and Sunday the last weekend of March. Then back again the last weekend of October.
    Lovely selection for this weeks theme! The photo with the paddlers looks so serene.

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  2. Love the red sky photo, Terri. Do you know the saying “Red sky in the morning, shepherds’ are warning’? And how tall your shadow is in that second photo.
    We’ve three more weeks to go before the UK springs forward. By the time you’ve caught up, it’ll be my turn to catch up on the lost hour. I wonder where it goes until the end of October? Food for thought.

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  3. This year I miss that hour as we were in Ann Arbor at a concert last night and got home late, close to midnight and then of course the dog got me up at 5…but it was really 6 so I had no excuse not to get up and feed her. She thinks she won. I guess she did.

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  4. Loving your turbines 😊

    I’d forgotten north American countries were changing this weekend. Europe isn’t until end of March, and Australia/New Zealand is April, and in fact Europe has just agreed that countries can stop doing it!

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  5. Terri, all your photos are wonderful but I find the one of Aero especially interesting as he seems to be on the cusp of two worlds – or two clocks! Perfect, of course.

    I’ve never been especially bothered by DLS – it was more momentous when I was a kid as we talked about it at school, but my body adjusts easily. The more difficult problem is that some communities in the US don’t change at all.

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  7. I’ve been doing a happy dance all day celebrating the return of Daylight Savings! Missing a silly hour of sleep one night is well worth the extra light at the end of the day we’ll experience until fall. I would just as soon keep it daylight savings time year-round, but I guess it gets pretty dark on those winter mornings.

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  8. I’m a morning person so I sprung forward kicking and screaming. And this morning’s alarm for my husband was what jolted me awake instead of awakening on my own. With an extra hour of darkness to endure. Grrrr….I’ve sent an email to my representative letting her know I support a bill before the Maine legislature to eliminate DST for us and I wish our national reps could stop fighting long enough to know that they need to act to eliminate it! Okay, rant over. Loved your photos depicting daylight, Terri. So pretty and varied with light and shadow.

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  9. I like sunsets and I appreciate every new day, especially when the sun is out and the sky is blue. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, Terri, and I hope you will add some more pristine images to your archives in Hawaii!

    We are actually in Arizona right now, where daylight saving is not observed. But, the time has been messing a bit with us, as Mark’s phone didn’t quite know which side of the border (CA or AZ) we were this last weekend. And, on Monday we had an interview at a certain time EST (Boston time), yet the time had changed there. We realized this right in time – three hours difference with MA again instead of two hours. Things do get confusing when you deal with different time zones! 🙂


  10. Oh, Terri, you are so very talented. I am looking for the right daylight moment to capture. Should have dragged myself out of bed this morning as I am sure the skies were lovely after our early morning rain.

    My favorite shot is the one with the wind mills. That grass! That sky, pierced by the blades of the wind mills. Great capture.

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