Sunday Stills: Show Us Something #Green

Tis the season for showing us something green, if you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Even if you don’t, the color green is all around us. If you want to get creative, you can use and interpret green idioms as in “green with envy,” “going green” (environmental), “sure as God made little green apples,” “giving something/someone the green light,” or “green thumb.” You get the idea!

Since I am all about my favorite color green, my images for this week’s Sunday Stills theme focus on things that are green.

As you read this week, you may have guessed that I am visiting on the Big Island of Hawaii. We are on the Hilo side, enjoying some R & R and working on some construction details of our little house. Hubby bought the house years ago but only recently has had the time to do the work needed to make it habitable. Meanwhile we are enjoying the amenities of the B&B on Hilo Bay.

These photos were taken last year in January 2018, when we were there last.

This green gecko is very small, only about two inches long, but he let me get a nice close-up with my phone! They are all over the place and eat pesky bugs.

Island Gecko

Akaka Falls State Park is found 11 miles north of Hilo and boasts the 442-foot tall Akaka Falls. A short hike gets you surrounded by green!

Akaka Falls near Hilo

Within a short walking distance from our B&B, is a path that takes you out onto the bay as you walk gingerly through the stilt root palms.

Palm trees on Hilo Bay
Stilt Root Palms

Closer to home (in my backyard) is my favorite hummer family. The little female contemplates her next sip perched on this new green feeder, surrounded by my California Redwoods.

Hummingbird on Feeder

Both images, the palms and hummer are submitted for Becky B’s Spiky March Squares this week and the Stilt Palms are for Becca’s Sunday Trees. I adore photo challenges!

Be patient with me for comment and pingback approvals when you submit for the Sunday Stills photo challenge this week, as I expect to be out and about enjoying the warm temps and green surroundings. No daylight saving time here, so it gets dark around 6:30pm. I still take the time to share your posts to Facebook and Twitter when possible.

I am looking forward to your interpretations of green! Mahalo for playing along!

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  13. that gecko is awesome! so cute.

    in case my pingback doesn’t show. (sometimes it doesn’t for some reason)

    i don’t know if you’ll allow my photo. I made my cat Midnight’s photograph kinda arty with a filter and then the background was actually an orange carpet but I shifted it to green because of St. Patty’s day. And Midnight’s eyes are actually an amber color but again shifted. I hope that’s ok if the green was created rather than real.

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  19. I feel like I just took a vitamin pill looking at all your lovely images, Terri! I don’t see much green in my world right now, but with your inspiration I’m going to look for it today. Even if it’s a green house, I will be uplifted by the color of lushness!


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  26. Happy St. Patrick’s Day in green and verdant Hilo, Terri. Enjoy your time there, with R&R and some planning. That gecko is awesome! He doesn’t even look real, kind of like a stuffed animal. We are surrounded by green in the Arizona desert, where the temperature is finally in the 70’s. The places we want to visit, though (the ones you aimed for as well a couple of months ago), are still freezing… 😦

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  30. Around here millions of beautiful painted lady butterflies fly everywhere as they migrate north. They don’t boast a bit of green but do love to rest on green plants as long as they grow vivid flowers the butterflies can sip.

    Your photos are wonderful as always, Terri, and your stories complete the images. Especially the watchful little gecko.

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  31. I don’t know why, but that waterfalls makes me want to go under it and wash my hair. How refreshing that water must be. And just imagine if the water was green and the grass was clear? I wonder what we’d see looking up at us? And would green water make us look as green as the gecko?
    Have a lovely time in Hawaii, Terri.

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    1. As usual, your wonderful imagination turns my poor literal brain on end. Great questions, Hugh, like how flamingos are pink because of the pink shrimp in their diet! We are eating at the famous Ken’s Pancake House diner now, and it’s a rare sunny day, no clouds!

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  32. Your Gecko is so cute, I was completely distracted! I have though scrolled down to your wonderful spiky squares, and the Hummingbird is a wonderful shot. I don’t want to walk on those palms though!

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  35. Have you heard of the studies that say gazing at the green of nature is good for your health — stress relief, etc. I read them many years ago (1980s) so I have no link at hand but I’m sure there are others that talk about the power of nature. I’m not a big St. Pat’s day person (even though or perhaps because I’m Irish) but I love green. Thanks for the gorgeous pics.

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