While on the Big island of Hawaii this week, I looked for a variety of interesting subjects to photograph. I hadn’t posted a Thursday Doors post in quite a while and hoped to find some special doors here in Hilo.

Although there are some beautiful homes, their doors are nothing special…here are the only two I saw on one of my walks.

Hilo Front Doors
Best looking doors in the neighborhood.

A modest Colonial hosts some happy dogs.

Hilo Home door with dog
Modest Colonial Style

You know why their doors are nothing special? Because I believe folks focus on what is viewed from outside their doors!

Like this view of Hilo Bay from where these two houses are located.

Hilo Bay View
Looking across to the other side of Hilo Bay.

I probably would have “no worries” about how my door might look to a passerby when I could watch the surfers all day.

Hilo Bay Surfers
Surfs up on Hilo Bay

And who would be looking at the doors anyway?

Any interesting doors in your part of the world? Check out Norm’s weekly feature Thursday Doors!


41 thoughts on “Thursday’s Hilo #Doors with a View

  1. That dog has quite the view, doesn’t he? It looks to me as he’s guarding that door for some reason. I wonder what lies behind it? And I noticed his two friends, who were taking in the view of the door rather than the view in front of it. They probably don’t want something to get out of that house.
    Glad you went to the beach, Terri.

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  2. I agree that outward appearances in Hawaii aren’t nearly as important as what happy events are going on inside the house, what can be seen from one’s view, and getting outside to enjoy what Hawaii is famous for. But that yellow house is pretty darned inviting! Maybe it’s the 3 welcoming committee members: Fido, Rover, and Spot.

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  3. Beautiful downtown Hilo! The flag is the Hawaii state flag and the Union Jack in the corner reflects British interests around the time the flag was designed. It’s always a good idea to give barking dogs guarding a home, a wide berth. They’re often there for a reason. I hope your last day on the island was fun.

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    1. Very good to know, thanks, Graham! We drove up the coast to Waipio Valley for a look-see, stopped on the way to Laupahoehoe Beach Park, then back to Honokaa for lunch, got rained on, then drove through Waimea. A police car flew by us on road 19. That whole north east coast is just how I had always pictured Hawaii! Hans’ house is all buttoned up until next time!

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  4. Great observations! I’ve always put more value to the outdoor space than the actual house. I could live in an RV year round without a problem, if it was parked somewhere spectacular. …oh wait, I have πŸ™‚ LOL. I hope the rest of your vacation is as fabulous as the first part πŸ™‚

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  5. Yes indeed I totally agree; who needs fancy doors when you have something much better: a fancy view.
    Your great shots brought back some wonderful memories of our trip to Hawaii.
    Crap, I can’t believe that was over 20 years ago. Would love to go back one day πŸ™‚

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  6. The dog looked curious as to what you were doing. Love the surfing photo! Lovely shot. All that gorgeous blue water. Wish I were there.


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