Sunday Stills Monthly Color Challenge: #Lava and Memories of a Little Brown Dog

Lava is the color challenge this month. What is black, brown, and orange all over? Why, your photos, of course. As much as I love orange tones during Autumn, I thought we could mix orange with dark brown and black found in lava—whether rocks, flowing lava, or glowing coals within a fire. Or anything else!

Fitness Friday: #Walks For all Seasons

Walk is my Word of the Year, and I’ve joined countless other bloggers who chose to be intentional with the elusive New Year’s Resolutions by choosing a word on which to focus. More walking in the Valley of Fire A silly Renaissance pirate handed me the 2x4 on a rope and told me to "walk … Continue reading Fitness Friday: #Walks For all Seasons

Sunday Stills: What a Long, Strange #RoadTrip It’s Been

If you need a hint, this week's theme is about road trips! I like to call it road-trippin! This week, show and tell us your favorite sights and highlights you've seen along the road this summer, this year, or from your archives. "Road trips required a couple of things: a well-balanced diet of caffeine, salt … Continue reading Sunday Stills: What a Long, Strange #RoadTrip It’s Been

Sunday Stills: Another #Fresh Look At…

Are you getting fresh with me? Please do! February’s last Sunday Stills challenge finds us exploring “fresh.” Although the northern hemisphere temperatures have been downright cold of late, the cold air feels and smells fresh and clean. “Breathing fresh outdoor air is a known detoxification protocol.”― Steven Magee Fresh Air Just before our “warm” weather … Continue reading Sunday Stills: Another #Fresh Look At…