I normally don’t post on a Wednesday, but I couldn’t resist sharing square images of my precious pup, Aero. Today is his 9th birthday,

Aero on the Beach

Why square images? I am submitting these for Becky B’s month-long July blue squares photo challenge.

In the photo above, Aero romps around San Diego’s Ocean Beach dog park. He also loves the Sacramento River Delta and poses handsomely on the launch.

Caramel Dog

Aero catching a nap surrounded by white and blue.

Aero Sleeping

I found this article on how to calculate dog years to human years.

Aero is a small dog, weighing in at 13 pounds, and according to the above link by the American Kennel Club, Aero would be 52 years old in human years and is considered a senior dog!

Aero Birthday

With their gray muzzles and wise expressions, senior dogs are especially lovable and poignant.

Erika Mansourian, American Kennel Club

Today is Aero’s birthday, but Brodie keeps him on his toes when he is not too tired from fetching the ball!

Brodie is tired after fetching!

Since Brodie is 50 pounds at 2 years old, he is 24 in human years, according to the article. No wonder Aero growls at Brodie’s antics!

I know this post is a little wordy for wordless Wednesday, but please enjoy the photos.

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