Sunday Stills: A #Fresh Look

Hawaiian Honeysuckle
Hawaiian Honeysuckle

For many, Spring is just around the corner. February has been a challenging month for severe weather! Are you as ready as I am for spring’s beautiful colors and the warmer weather it brings?

I got a great shot of this honeysuckle close to our B&B after some rain in Hawaii last year.

Here in Northern California, after at least two months of gray, cold weather, we are happy to see some trees beginning to bud. Many of our fruit and nut trees bud around the middle of February, showing us the promise of spring!

Pink Tree Blossom

“Fresh” is this week’s Sunday Stills theme.

While we are waiting patiently, here are some more photos to help inspire your creativity to the challenge.

Another fresh look includes a close-up of these beautiful tomatoes found last Fall at a local farmer’s market.

Macro view of tomatoes

I love taking close-ups and macros of flowers. I am always intrigued by the tiniest details found inside the petals of a flower.

Macro white blossom

I am also sharing these beautiful blossoms for this week’s Lens-Artists photo challenge: Nature and for Cee’s Flower of the Day!

For this week’s Sunday Stills challenge, show us a fresh perspective on something, some fresh food or flowers, even fresh snow (if you must). In the middle of February, show us the promise of spring. I can’t wait to see what you have to offer!


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  10. Spring has already arrived in the UK, Terri. We’re having some very unseasonal weather, with sunny skies and the temperatures in the mid to high 60s. It’s been like it for over a week now, and the rest of this week is much the same. I even saw some people bathing in the sea over the weekend. Crazy weather? Yes. But not many are complaining about it. Still, it’s signs of climate change, so I’m not so sure we should really be enjoying it yet.

    Great photographs, although, at first, I thought those tomatoes were red apples.

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      1. Isn’t that always the case, Terri? We seem to get fed-up with the same old weather for weeks on end. I remember our summer heatwaves of last year and how I wished for cooler, rainy days. Now I’m looking forward to warm sunny days again.

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  17. Terri, I always look forward to your photos – you are an excellent photographer and you capture images that I find beautiful. Thank you for a spring into spring. It’s sunny here in So Cal today but the forecast is for more rain this afternoon. Is the pink flower an apple blossom? Or…?

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