This week’s theme for Sunday Still is frozen! I figure we can endure one more week of winter scenes and freezing weather in some places, then start dreaming of spring!

This week’s images demonstrate snow and ice appearing in unlikely places at unexpected times of the year.

Most of you already know of my slightly frozen winter road trip to the so-called warm American Southwest.

Upon our arrival to Sedona we strolled around and came across this frozen fountain outside nearby art galleries. At this point, it was cold but had not snowed yet. Despite the frozen water, some of it was still flowing. Photo credit goes to my husband!

Ice Frozen in Fountain

The next morning, we experienced unexpected snow in Sedona depicted here by my happy husband (he liked the snow for a few minutes). We did pack for snowy conditions, fortunately, but this much snow really caught us and everyone else by surprise!

Man in the snow
Hans enjoying the Sedona snow

This second image shows a beautiful winter scene outside my brother-in-law’s home in Spokane, Washington over Veteran’s Day weekend, in mid-November. We expected the temperatures to be cold there, but this was the first snowfall of the season and it arrived early for this area.

Spokane Snow

This poor daffodil was unexpectedly snowed upon in early May in South Lake Tahoe. The day before was a warm, sunny day as we left Sacramento. The snow started in the early afternoon and covered the ground for several hours. And to think I entertained the idea of bringing my stand-up paddleboard along!

Daffodils in the snow
Unhappy frozen daffodils

Whatever your feelings for snow scenes and all things frozen, the subject matter makes for beautiful photos!

“Only mountains can feel the frozen warmth of the sun through snow’s gentle caress on their peaks”
― Munia Khan

This week, show us your version of frozen for Sunday Stills!

My sympathies to all who are enduring freezing weather conditions. Stay warm and safe!

82 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Unexpectedly #Frozen

  1. Good Morning Terri, yes, we are still frozen here in my part of the word. I love it! All the whiteness and wildness of this season. The frozen fountain is stunning! Here is my link for this week

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  2. The crystalline beauty of snow – your photos and Hans’ are gorgeous. And I get to enjoy them from the warmth of my Southern California home, heat on, the rain of a few hours ago starting to dry. I remember the anticipation of the first lacy snowfalls when I was a New Jersey kid – and the terror of driving in huge snowdrifts when we newlyweds lived in Detroit. I echo your last words, Terri – stay safe!

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    1. Isn’t snow pretty for a few minutes, Shari? Being Californians, I think we forget just how cold snow can get, forget about camping in it! We’re safe at home now although the cold air in Sacramento with such low snow makes me appreciate my central heat!

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  3. The frozen fountain is spectacular, Terri. Last year, the UK had a visit from the ‘Beast from the East’ and covered the country in ice and snow for two weeks. When the thaw set in, many, many water pipes burst, resulting in many flooded properties. The beast hasn’t visited this winter, but there’s still time.
    Your theme has had me singing ‘Let it go’ all morning. 🎤

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  4. Having been away from winter wonderlands for quite some time, I am enjoying the beauty you are showing here with icicles and freshly fallen snow. And I think that Han’s smile could keep you warmer than any roaring fire.

    Stunned to think of Sedona in those conditions! And those daffodils look like ice statues in a Lake Tahoe!!! Beautiful.


  5. I haven’t been in the mood to enjoy all things frozen the past couple of days. I figure I can indulge in a little winter blahs after 3 1/2 months of it, since winter started early this year with a snowy November in Maine. Your photos are very pretty, though. And I’ll work on improving my attitude so I can enjoy the next 2 months of frozen scenery. 🥶❄️

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