Keeping Track of Your Fitness Progress…Update

Fitness Graphic
Fitness Graphic

Most of you know I am a champion of leisure and fitness! As I strive toward my goals of becoming and staying more physically active, I am publicly announcing my 2019 goal of continuing to write my book-in-progress No Excuses Fitness.

I am starting this journey by making a commitment to writing at least three days a week beginning with Mondays.

My goal is to also post monthly about fitness, exercise and physical activity (aren’t they the same?) for Fitness Fridays.

I’m joining fellow blogger Sue at Sizzling Towards 60 and Beyond for #FitFabFeb2019!

We all need motivation, both external and internal, to focus on our fitness whether it is to get back in shape, maintain health or perhaps to kick it up a notch by trying a new activity or sport.

Now that you have committed to improving your fitness, what is keeping you motivated?

I recently updated a post from 4 years ago. Please visit the original post Keeping Track of Your Fitness Progress.

28 thoughts on “Keeping Track of Your Fitness Progress…Update

  1. Hi Terri – your blog is looking so good these days, I love your theme. Also good on you for getting onto the Sue bandwagon and making February all about fitness and wellbeing. I love what an inspiration she is to Midlifers and it’s great to see you doing it too.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

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  2. HI Terri

    I’m committed for sure. I’m using My Fitness Pal for journaling and Map My Walk for measuring, time, distance and route. Also hit the gym a couple of times a week and then there’s hiking and the occasional bike ride.

    Looking forward to Fitness Friday

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  3. A couple of things keep me motivated. First, when I turned 55 I started training for half marathons. After the first year I moved from a running group to a walking group due to stress fractures, but every year I join the local chapter of USA Fit to train for 9 months. The friends I have made during this time, including the coach, keeps me motivated and doing long distance walking. Secondly, I go to a small family owned fitness center where they know and call everyone by name. Nothing like having the owner say, “Wow, this is your 3rd time in this week – great job!” to keep me going back. Looking forward to your future blogs!

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  4. You go girl!!! I’m glad you have – officially – committed to continued work on your fitness book. I’m cheering along the sidelines. Detailing your progress on your blog will keep you accountable!

    As for me and my fitness, I hope to not sit all day behind the computer anymore soon and go for a hike at least every other day.

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  5. I go for a walk every morning and also do some other exercises – absolutely essential to stay fit and healthy. I’m sure that with your commitment to writing 3 days a week, you’ll find that before you know it you will have the first draft finished. It sounds like the perfect book for you, with your expertise and passion for the outdoors xx

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  6. Hi Terri, thank you so much for the shout out! I actually use Map My Run to keep track of my distance and speed for running. I would like a fitbit because I think it would spur me on. I also like that I’ve introduced #FitFabFeb2019 because hearing how others are progressing also inspires me and keeps me motivated. Have a happy & healthy weekend. xx

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  7. Checking in – on social media or with an accountability partner is helpful for me to keep on track. But for the most part, I do like to walk and bike. It is a bit tougher when weather is colder – but that’s NO excuse, right? Your book sounds great!

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  8. I always struggle with keeping up with a fitness routine. I do love to swim and am pretty faithful at swimming three or four days a week. I love swimming and I always joke that nothing hurts when I’m in the water. I struggle with other exercises because I have no cartilage in one knee and movement hurts. I know I am going to have to get a knee replacement but I hat the thought of going through that again!! I do wear a fitbit and try to track my swimming, which helps.

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    1. Do you have a waterproof Fitbit, Michele? I used to swim but got tired of it after 5 years swimming competitively. My right kneecap is low on cartilage, too, but I’m not a candidate for knee replacement. When I SUP, I put my Fitbit in a ziplock bag then into my paddle shorts pocket. It doesn’t count while paddling, but counts the steps to and from 😁


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