Welcome back to Sunday Stills! Thank you for following along with Carol and Hugh while I was on my (sort-of) break!

Let’s kick off February with this week’s theme: fire!

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Full of inspiration with stories to tell during January, you may have already read about my winter road trip to Northern Arizona and Nevada.

As you may know, my original plans drastically changed due to snow in unexpected places. We expected cold conditions in the desert, but certainly not snow.

Las Vegas, Nevada turned out to be a great alternative to the originally planned sights. The Silver State has a lot to offer, including Nevada’s State Park, Valley of Fire.

My original plan was to hike through and photograph Antelope Canyon, near Lake Powell at the Arizona/Utah border within the Navajo Reservation. There are several slot canyons in the area and are a photographer’s dream. Here are two photos from Unsplash (these ARE NOT mine).

Incredible, right? You can see why I was in tears when we decided to cancel this leg of the trip!

The Valley of Fire has a slot canyon located in the White Domes area. I posted some images previously but wanted to save my favorite images of what I consider to be the state park’s iconic image!

Slot Canyon Hike
Almost Antelope Canyon
Red Rocks on fire
Another view of the Narrows

How do these compare to the Antelope Valley images? Somewhat similar I would say. But you know what? Even if you disagree, it sparked joy within me!

Entering the Narrows
Hubby and dogs

After we hiked this area, we stopped on the route to explore and take more photos.

Striated Dome
Striated dome
Surrounded by fiery rocks
Surrounded by fiery rocks

Later, we drove back through another area where the rocks looked like they were on fire!

Canyon Drive
Driving through Valley of Fire

My husband thought this formation looked like Gandalf the Wizard from Lord of the Rings.

Red Cliffs along the road
Surrounded by Fire

This stretch along the road was awe-inspiring! The colors were vivid and bathed visitors in an orange glow.

Driving through fiery rocks
Driving through fiery rocks

“What matters most is how well you walk through fire.” Charles Bukowski

I was so fortunate to discover this hidden gem located within a 90-minute drive from Las Vegas.

Some new folks joined Sunday Stills in January so please welcome them to our growing group and perhaps visit their blogs to see what they are up to!

Pictures without Film

Tea and Paper

The Reluctant Photographer

Stevie Turner

I am excited to see what you share for Sunday Stills FIRE this week!

71 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Journey Into the #Fire

  1. Slot canyons of any kind are so cool. I’m glad you found one to hike in NV, and one day, I know you’ll make it to Antelope Canyon … when the weather is better. I’m finally jumping back into the blogosphere after my little break. And what better way than to share our meetup over a campfire!

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  2. These are amazing photos Terri of a stunning place. So much natural beauty around for us to indulge our senses in. They look so much like fire and a great choice for this week’s prompt. I’ve taken my post in a more literal direction and enjoyed sharing a true story and a collection of photos. Thanks for the prompt!
    We’re truly burning up down here!!!
    Here’s my link: https://debs-world.com/2019/02/03/were-burning-up-down-here/

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  3. Such extraordinary places. The low light in winter must add to the experience. I hope you have been to Red Rock outside Mojave CA. It has the Canyon amd cliffs and hopefully an amazing spring wildflower bloom this year.

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  4. I had never heard of the Valley of Fire before your recent posts. My husband and I go to Las Vegas for an annual Rockabilly event and, since neither of us gamble, we are always looking for other places to visit (Hoover Dam, the Neon Museum, etc.). This will definitely be on our list of places to go!

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      1. Those accidents are the best kind. I was talking to someone recently who’d gone to the summit of Mauna Kea and was wondering why the full moon looked so dull. He had no idea that there was an eclipse that evening, just happened to be at one of the best places on earth to see it!

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  5. Oh, Terri, I know you were disappointed to have missed Antelope Canyon but I think you came out just as well by visiting The Valley of Fire instead. Very similar geography or topography but your photos are bathed in that fabulous fiery light. Beautiful.

    We often drive between home in El Paso and Phoenix, passing through the amazing rock formations outside of Tuscon. Someday I am going to make sure we stop long enough for me to get some pictures other than the ones I snap from the window of our car at 70 mph.

    Terri, what do you wear when you hike? in particular, what do you wear on your feet. Couldn’t tell from the photo but just curious.

    Hoping to participate in Sunday Stills for each of February’s prompts. Welcome home!

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    1. Thank you for those uplifting words, Leslie, they mean a lot! It always pays to stop even for a moment (our dogs need to stop at least twice). I have a couple of pairs of lightweight hiking boots and a pair of trail runners (have a good tread). The trail in VOF was both sandy and rocky, as well as uneven.


  6. The valley of fire sounds like a hostile place, but what beauty it holds, Terri. And, yes, I could spot Gandalf in those rocks, too. In fact, I spotted a few more faces and objects in those rocks once you mentioned Gandalf.
    I’d say your $10 entry fee was great value and well spent.

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    1. The weather was pleasant for a winter day. This area was and is a favorite with film and movie producers–westerns, Star Trek Generations, etc. Good place to shoot Mars shots! Yes, you are creative like my husband, seeing faces in clouds and rocks! I guess I’m too literal…but maybe you could come up with a story some day about a face/figure in a rock with your twisty endings 🙂

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  7. Gorgeous photos Terri! I always wanted to go hiking up around there. Last time I was out that way I passed by there and went up to the North Rim and Bryce Canyon NP. Had a great time hiking all around. It such beautiful country and NP pass can’t be beat for value.

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  8. I too would have been in tears canceling a trip to Antelope Canyon. That place is high on my list.
    But your red and gold Valley Fire shots are simply magnificent (and speaking of ‘fire’, there is your handsome Han’s again ;-). I have found on our recent travels that the heartbreak of missing iconic spots is soothed by discovering unknown gems. You have certainly had that experience in The Valley of Fire.I was not familiar with this place but it has been added to the list when I find my way back to the states.


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