Polar Bear Plunge California Style

To start out their New Year, willing participants jump into the frigid waters of a public pool. This day the air temp was 50 degrees and the water temperature a crisp 39 degrees. The woman in the middle wearing the water wings was a local media anchor who participated. The event was a fund-raiser for …

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In the Way

The Weekly Photo Challenge theme this week is "On the Way." On the Sacramento River at Sherman Island in the Sacramento Delta, this huge ship travels through the deep water channel. Ships frequently travel down the river from the Port of Sacramento on their way to the San Francisco Bay area. In this case, the …

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Water Envelops Us

Enveloped Water, in its three forms, ice, liquid and vapor, envelops us and our surroundings. These two photos show how water in liquid form envelops its users, either on purpose, like the little girl under the swimming pool mushroom.... or ... ...the big girl (me), gracefully (ha!) falling off my paddle-board. The next photo shows …

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Lady Bugs’ Intricate Life

Intricate Lady bugs weave an intricate trail on this tree. These lady bugs, (actually Asian Lady beetles) swarm at the river's edge on the sandbags we use for our windsurf launch. Why do lady bugs swarm? Read more about it here. Remember, these beetles are beneficial and eat aphids and other hateful bugs that plague our …

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Natural Intricacies: Weekly Photo Challenge

Intricate Intricacies abound in the natural world, whether it is in the beauty of a leafy carpet, in the falling splashes of water from a swimming pool play structure, or high above us inside an arboretum. Take the time to stops and notice the details today.