I am excited to contribute to Becky’s photo challenge Squares in September, In the Pink!

While in San Diego for my 40th high school reunion last week, we stayed at my daughter’s house. All around her neighborhood are yards and gardens lush with plumeria, my other favorite flower!

I love how this cluster peeked at me from its leaves! I was “tickled pink” to discover these, and then take multiple photos!

Plumeria are native to Hawaii, but each time I have visited there was during January, a month they do not bloom! 

My daughter has been busy with her garden and I hope to have convinced her to plant a couple plumeria!

What is your favorite flower?


31 thoughts on “Squares in September: Pink #Plumeria

  1. My absolute most favorite flower is peony. They won’t grow in California, so I haunt flower stands in spring, waiting for bundled stems to arrive. Then take home about 6 stems and enjoy their extraordinary beauty and scent for two weeks. And wait another 50 weeks for peonies to arrive in Orange County again.

    But I do love your photo of pink plumeria. My dad planted a slim stalk in the back yard of his new home. Ten years later it had grown the size of a pink Cadillac, a froth of pink blossoms covering the leathery leaves in season. By the time my parents sold the home to move to a condo, the plumeria was the size of a vacation cabin. One of the last things my dad did before they moved out was to make me a pink plumeria lei. When it dried, I kept it in a dish – still there.

    Your photo reminds me of those troupes of pink blooms of my dad’s plumeria. Thank you.

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  2. So pretty!
    I love these, too.
    Can’t really pick a favorite flower, because I love so many of them, and most of all, enjoy seeing them in their real homes (i.e. attached to their roots and in the ground, wherever it is they are growing), in all their phases. Such a riot of color, nature through flowers is! 🙂 Na’ama

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  3. I remember seeing huge patches of plumeria in Hawaii and loving them. I also love the smell. We don’t have them here. I saw the conversation above about peony. I had four of five huge peony plants in my last house and they were beautiful. There is nothing like a big bunch of peony in the early summer. They look and smell heavenly but don’t last long.

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  4. Another votes for peonies! We can’t grow them here (except maybe with a greenhouse and an extra-large green thumb) but Trader Joe’s sells them seasonally and I try to buy a bunch or two then. I love plumeria too (and, of course, we can grow them here 🙂 ). The scent is heavenly. You photo is lovely… just perfect for the prompt.

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  5. Lovely flowers, Terri. My favourite flowers are snowdrops. They usually come up at the end of January and last until mid-March. My favourite plant is Holly. I remember going Holly picking every December when I was a child. Our neighbours would pay me for bunches of Holly. The more red berries the holly had, the more money I would get. It was a great way of making some extra pocket-money as a child.

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      1. No thorns on the Holly plant, Terri, but their leaves are very prickly, so you do have to wear gloves when picking it. I rather like decorating holly bushes with fairy lights at Christmas time. It gives the garden a festive feel, especially with the deep red of the berry against the green of the holly leaf. Can you tell I’m already gearing up for Christmas? 🎅

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  6. I share you enthusiasm for plumeria. There’s a certain creamy softness to them that I find very pleasing. I’d also cast a vote for mock orange flowers, not particularly striking, but so fragrant a a magnet for bees. Also like the bird of paradise flowers here for their drama and the fact that geckos love them.

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  7. I love peonies even though I don’t have any in my garden. My favorite flower varies with whatever is blooming. Right now we have sedum turning a lovely pink and they are my favorites along with choral bells. My lilies are still producing blossoms, too – hanging in there before cold weather shuts them down. I also have four African violets that are covered with blossoms and since they entertain me year round, perhaps I’ll cast my vote for them as my overall favorite. Gorgeous photo, Terri!

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