As a blogger, do you ever get a sense of deja’vu with that nagging feeling that you have posted something similar before?

When I saw the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme ProlificI remembered this word and something to do with poppies. And guess what? I searched google and found my own post from three years ago! 

What better way to celebrate this theme than with photos of native California poppies? The beautiful orange flower is indeed prolific in March and April and adds beautiful pops of color along the freeways and in neighbors’ yards.

California Poppies

Poppies are California’s State flower. 

California Poppies pop up everywhere in the spring

I planted poppies from seeds a little too late for them to bloom this spring, but since they are annuals, I hope to see their little golden heads in spring 2016!

**Update** they never did grow. I’ve read you have to plant poppies in late Fall. Better put it on my to-do list then if I want my own poppies.

Happy spring poppies!
Popping Out!

I refreshed this post today from April 2015 when I participated in Ed’s Sunday Stills Photography Challenge. Wildflowers were the theme.

I enjoyed Sunday Stills so much that I am bringing the photo challenge back with it’s launch on May 6th! Visit my page   for more information!

Enjoy the prolific poppy flashback!

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48 thoughts on “Prolific Poppies

  1. Gorgeous color! I didn’t know the poppy was the CA state flower? Interesting!
    Thanks for taking the time to take these photos for us…I’m sure the homeowner was proud that you wanted to take pictures of his flowers!
    I’m sure next year, your poppies will be just as lovely.
    Happy Sunday, Terri!

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      1. Oh I’ll be looking out for it Terri. All good here as we celebrate my grandson’s 4th birthday on Saturday, my husband;s 70th the following week and a new grandbaby early June xx

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  2. Just beautiful, Terri – and thank you so much for posting that review of “Happy Travels 101” on Goodreads. I really appreciate your kind words – you really made my day when I saw it. Hugs, Toni x

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  3. Nice to discover a post from YOU!! We have these same poppies that appear mysteriously some springs and not others. It has been about five years since we had a bumper crop of our volunteer poppies along the east side of the Franklin Mountains. I am hopeful every year but disappointed more often than not. Thank you for sharing your poppies with me!


    1. Aren’t they a sight to see? They’re perennials so they “pop” up when they feel like it! They do love the side of the roads in rocky or sandy soil. You’d think they would love my yard, LOL! Getting back to blogging in early May–missed it!


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