Winter Sunrise over swimming pool

There is nothing like a gorgeous sunrise to kick-start one’s day into full motion (perhaps with some caffeine to help it along)!

WordPress posted the theme Rise/Set for the weekly photo challenge.

I am a photo addict of sunrises and sunsets, so I couldn’t pass this one up while on my continuing blogging break. The timing was perfect to coincide with the publishing of my new page.

I am happy to announce that fellow blogger and photographer, Aixa from MuchoSpanish, and I have each published pages for the Sundays Stills photo challenge as we introduce this new feature. Aixa will be my co-host for the feature which will also be a continuing link-up.

Please click here for more information!

Photo credit goes to my hubby who took this photo while at work last winter at one of the public swimming pools he services. Talk about a great inspiration to the workday!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

37 thoughts on “Inspiration of a Morning Sunrise

  1. Hi, Terri – I am so glad to see you taking a ‘break’ from your ‘blogging break’. That sunset, and it’s reflection, are both stunning. Thank you for sharing this!

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  2. Like you, I love colorful sunrises and sunsets. While we have witnessed many spectacular ones living on the water (especially sunsets), they – and dolphin spotting – never get old! Each evening, here in Santa Fe, I get up to check the sunset of the day, and maybe, take another photo. Sunset photo 510, probably. 🙂

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  3. Mornings are the best part of the day, Terri. That photo is one of the best I’ve seen. I’m sure it would win a few photo contests.
    Hope you had a great Easter and that the Easter Bunny visited with some chocolate. He always seems to know what kind I like.

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  4. Hi Ter! What a fantabulous photo!!!! I always seemed to be too late for the sunrise photos, but like you, I’m obsessed with sunsets and I did manage to capture some beauties while away too. ❤

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