Despite Northern California’s torrential rains and flooded rivers, Spring is gradually making an appearance.

Walking the dogs around my neighborhood in between rain showers, I discovered these lovely flowers, some kind of daisy?

Spiky Spring Flower

Right outside my front door is my American Beauty Rose bush showing signs of spring after yet another shower.

Delicate Drops and Spikes

I admit this photograph is off square just a little to capture the jagged edges of the brand new leaves.

These lovelies were taken with my trusty Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone.

I am having some fun with Becky B’s March photo challenge, Spiky March Squares. I’m also sharing the daisy for Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge.

my signature w/ hibiscus

28 thoughts on “#Jagged Edges–Signs of Spring

      1. I think it is on my site already I am thinking of doing another FOTD tonight. It happens to be one of my favorite plants. Genetics can have fun with garden plants as no one is right as in animal and food crops. I have awesome amazing examples. I remember the excitement when Burpbees offer a huge award for white marigold. It took years to find one to give out award. The white marigold never caught the gardening experts. I don’t know if you can find seed.

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      2. They make good cut flowers as they last a long time. I don’t know where you can get seed. Burbee had a patent on the plant. Other companies don’t like to stock patent plants as they need to pay a royalty. The Roman tomato is so popular was developed at Washington State extension garden. Although, it was every the domain they couldn’t any seed company to carried. All Master Gardeners got seed. When I saw it in the grocery store I knew they finally got a market for it. Besides being tasty it is protected in the garden from virus that damage tomato crops. It also ships well.

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  1. This is the perfect way to usher in spring. Since we can’t grow any flowers ourselves (let’s just say we have black thumbs) it’s always so nice to see them when we go for a walk. I never think to take photos of them though!!

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  2. Gorgeous gorgeous Terri!! Both my daughter and I got big bouquets of beautiful flowers gifted to us earlier this week. I believe they are some kind of daises. Hers are pink, and mine are purple. Flowers are definitely synonyms with spring! Enjoy the season my friend ❀

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