Sunday Stills: Make Mine #Pink

Most of us are aware that October is traditionally the month we acknowledge Breast Cancer Awareness by wearing and or displaying the color pink. Of course, we should acknowledge cancer awareness all year long.

In keeping with my overarching theme of inspiration this weekend (see Friday’s post), I’m hoping to inspire you to think pink, our theme for Sunday Stills this week.

pink sunflower with bee

Pink is a color in nature that most of us can hardly ignore, from the delicate pastels in shell pink to the bright fuchsias in a bougainvillea bush.

pink flower with bee

But pinks appear outside of nature, too.

Security dressed in pink!

Today, share a gallery of your favorite pinks. Here are some of my favorites:

More pink inspiration:

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month I wrote this post in 2015 of leisure’s role in breast cancer awareness month.

Becky B inspired us for the entire month of September with her Squares in September: Pink.

I have started an Instagram Challenge for the month of October. Please join me and use the hashtag #Octoberpink (see the actual hashtag in the post below–there is a bow between October and pink)

I was tickled pink that five new bloggers joined our Sunday Stills group in September. Please take a look at their posts!

The 59Club Blog

Sharing Thoughts

Lin’s Doodles 

Captain Jill’s Journeys


Thank you to my fellow bloggers who participate weekly in Sunday Stills!

Please link to this post and be sure to link up to share your pink confections with other bloggers!

Camera graphic

64 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Make Mine #Pink

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  5. Such an important message about what October means in terms of Breast Cancer Awareness, Terri. I was surprised to hear that it’s something that can also affect many men.
    Is ‘Movember’ something that is also highlighted in your part of the world? It’s something started many years ago to highlight the men that die from testicular cancer. Men support it by not shaving their face during November.
    Again, you’ve shown some wonderful photography, and I love the change of colour theme on your blog.

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  7. This will be my first time taking part in Sunday Stills (a day late!). I love your photos and all the varying shades of pink. The bee on the flower is so striking!!

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  8. Shelley

    Terri – I adore all the photos you shared – pops of pink always make me smile. Thank you for the opportunity to join this Sunday’s Still challenge. Hope you have a great week!

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  12. mommyhon333

    Oh, Terri, these have to be among my favorite photos of yours. I have some pink photos to share and will scribble up a post real quick to link up but mine pale in comparison! October’s pink has a special meaning for our family. Will share about that, too. Thank you for inspiring all of us to look for the beauty in everything around us. XO

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