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Blog of the Day: Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

Originally posted on Suzie Speaks:
Meet Terri! Terri is the creator of Second Wind Leisure Perspectives, a lifestyle blog that focuses predominantly on leisure, while including examples of her writing for various challenges and photography. She explains more in her About Page: I am a leisure educator, self-published author, blogger, and retired recreation and parks…

Kaye shares valuable advice for navigating airport security, planning for purchases and dealing with germs.

My Book Review of Have Bags, Will Travel

I am pleased to share my review of Have Bags, Will Travel, written by fellow blogger and author, D.G. Kaye. About the Author Canadian D.G. Kaye is a non-fiction writer of memoirs about life experiences, matters of the heart and women’s issues. She is the author of five books to date: Conflicted Hearts, Meno-What? A…