Go get fit by walking up stairs

Focus on Fitness | Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

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Three Ways I Right-sized in Retirement

Three Ways I Rightsized in Semi-Retirement

We read a lot about downsizing these days as Baby Boomers are actively pursuing new ways of life as they consider retirement. “Rightsizing” is a process that implies a less than cutthroat approach to restructuring than downsizing. I have been following Kathy’s blog SMARTLiving365.com and recently had the opportunity to write this guest post while she was enjoying some travel. Kathy and I…

Dorian, Above-Time brand ambassador, reframes himself.

Above-Time Celebrates One Year of Bow-Ties

Did you know bow-ties are all the rage? If not, then read on how Founder and CEO Carey Reddick, II has leveraged his evolving business around bow-ties and other accessories. Above-Time has been busy promoting and selling bow-ties and developing the brand during this past year, while creating a business model that celebrates community and explores creative…