Today’s Sunday Stills theme challenges you to capture the wind! Wind is a very broad theme which is open to much interpretation.

Like last week, I challenge you to get creative with your photography or other projects! Perhaps you captured the wind in a poem, a song, a quote. I’m sure there are hundreds of songs with “wind” in the titles.

This is one of my favorite quotes.

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” William Arthur Ward

We can only see the effects of wind, whether it’s a gentle breeze fluffing a bird’s feathers, or hurricane force winds ripping piers from their docks, or clouds scudding across the sky blown by the beginnings of a storm.

The featured image above shows wind’s effect on the clouds and the ever-present wind turbines.

Wind plays a big part in my life since I became a windsurfer in 2009. The wind is ALWAYS the topic of conversation from April through September in our household and at the delta as every windsurfer I know checks their wind meters, their weather apps or asks if there will be enough wind for sailing.

When it’s a BIG day, it looks like this.

windsurfer getting air

Brodie loves the wind and waves. You can tell it’s windy by his flapping ear!

Wind blowing dog's ear

I manage to have good days windsurfing. Just last week hubby caught me coming off the water with a big smile on my face after 45 minutes of fun in the wind.

Smiling Windsurfer bringing in her windsurf gear

Did you know my logo for Second Wind Leisure represents stylized sails in an abstract “W”? A graphic artist friend created this for me years ago when I started blogging, and for my website Windigen Consulting (which is German for wind).

I’m looking forward to what your interpretation for WIND!

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54 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Can You Capture the #Wind?

    1. Thanks, Michele! I discovered that quote while still working a few years ago. I’ve used it in a meme or two (of me with my windsurf gear) for inspiration and fun, and in my class!


  1. I love that quote Terri! Life is certainly all about adjusting the sails isn’t it? I remember we cruised the Baltic and your first image reminded me of cruising out of Sweden and the 100s of Wind turbines lined up in the ocean. You always look joyful when you are windsurfing and also Brodie loves the wind and surf as well. Have a great week!

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  3. I’ve only had one windsurfing experience Terri – it was in the tropics where the water and wind were perfect. I loved it but never did figure out how to turn around without jumping off and doing it manually LOL. I truly admire you on this!! (and love your logo too)

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  4. Your post is full of excellent photos showing this invisible, and at the same time highly visible force of nature. Great entry!


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