Transportation is the theme for this week’s Sunday Stills challenge. “Commute” can also work, pun intended, which means to travel some distance regularly between one’s home and one’s place of work, school or vocation. Or, by definition, to travel as a commuter.

Even if we are not working a full-time job I think we all experience a commute. My work commute to the university is just under 5 miles, but if I hit the time wrong, a 10-minute drive can be a frustrating 30-minute commute.

For those lucky folks who are really retired, does driving a car in traffic bother you? For me, mostly having to drive one-two days a week, I have lost the tolerance for heavy traffic.

On our vacation to San Diego, we encountered the usual 5:00 traffic driving from the airport in downtown San Diego out to the East County.

San Diego Freeway traffic

Commuting aside, what modes of transportation do you use?

To get to where we are going, we drive, walk, bike, ride the train, take the bus, fly in a plane, ride in a boat, paddle on a lake…well, I’m sure you get the idea and can perhaps find a suitable image to share!

Jet Shadow

You can see in the featured  image the interesting shadow from our Southwest Airlines jet on the ground as we took off. Image post-edited with Painnt.

Do you think only people need transportation? I guess that depends, but smart, urban turkeys simply walk around our streets, sweet as you please. I’m sure there is a “chicken crossing the road” joke in there somewhere…but I’ll leave that up to you.

Urban Turkeys taking a walk

In August, conducting some business in a delta town, we saw this cute motorbike complete with sidecar parked in front of a restaurant. If you look closely, Penny the Pooch is waiting patiently for her driver to come back.

Transporting Penny the dog

September weather in Northern California still permits lots of outdoor activities. My hubby and I transported his bicycle and my inflatable SUP to a nearby lake and enjoyed some fabulous leisure time. He took this photo of me from the bike bridge that crossed a part of the lake. In 90 minutes, I SUPped to spots on the lake I hadn’t visited before.

SUP transportation

The photos of the pink motorbike and my pink SUP were partially inspired by Becky B’s Square in September challenge where “pink” is the theme. This is the last day for this theme and it was quite fun!

With folks all over the world now participating in Sunday Stills, this will be interesting to see how people move around to get to where they need to go.

October themes are available on the Sunday Stills page.

Link up if you wish, but please leave a pingback to this post so I can share your lovely posts!

Camera graphic


53 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: How Do You Get There?

  1. What a wonderful collection of folks and critters on the go. I especially love the one of the plane’s shadow across the field but my favorite is of those turkeys out for a turkey trot. Are these fowl wild or is there a shepherd around nearby/ What a story lurks in this picture. Then there’s you, paddling on a lake of glass. Wonderful.

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  2. I’ve retired, it’s a wonderful life. I avoid rush hour traffic at all costs now. I spent too many years driving an hour each way in stop and go freeway traffic to want to do it now. Tomorrow we will fly to DC, flying isn’t any fun anymore either.

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    1. Oh my gosh, I totally agree! Thank goodness my commute is very short, I was lucky for 14 years living close to my day job, but it wasn’t always that way! I find flying nerve wracking, not the flight itself (that I like), but the check-ins, lines, TSAs. West Coast roadtrips are my favorite things!

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  3. So many ways of transportation! I currently don’t have a commute, since I am a live-in nanny. My favorite way of transportation would be on horseback, even if it’s not my “daily driver”.

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  4. I need to add my favorite commute ever! After senior high school I worked as a baker, at a restaurant that was located on top of a mountain. It was a seasonal job. In the morning I took a chairlift up on the mountain, that was relaxing itself, enjoying some marvelous views. My favorite was after the work day was done, I could ride my snowboard, zig-zag across the mountain, and end up in my backyard. That was the best commute I ever had!

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  5. I’ve done a lot of commuting over my years, my favourite being the London Underground (when it’s not too busy or hot). As a child, I always saw the London Underground (or Tube) as the transport of the future, but only because of what I had seen on the TV show Thunderbirds.

    These days, my mode of transport tend to be walking, cycling and the car (although I’m far happier at being the passenger rather than the driver in a car).

    You paddle on the lake looks very refreshing, Terri. And how cool at having wild turkeys in the neighbourhood. Do they do any damage to the gardens, like eating all the produce?

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    1. Oh I wish California had better transportation system, at least in the vast suburbs. Biking in the “dedicated” bike lane means taking your life into your own hands, and forget walking anywhere. Some cities have good rapid transit systems but so many people on these trains are scary! European countries are so far ahead of the US in this regard. So far I haven’t heard any issues about the turkeys, but they can fly and actually roosted in our 200-foot pine tree in our back yard recently.

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  6. Love those turkeys! Thanks for sharing these fantastic photos. So interesting to think about so many methods of transportation. We recently visited Greenland which doesn’t have any roads between the towns and villages – so the people rely on boats and helicopters for transportation.

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  7. Every day for work I have varios commutes, since my classes are in different parts of the city. Last week, I couldn’t get to work because the highway was flooded and I was lucky to exit in time or I would have been trapped for hours 😖

    Your featured photo is such an amazing shot because of that colorful patchwork!

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  8. What great photos and a fun prompt. I mean to share my photos every week and then life gets in the way. Finding it hard to keep up with anything right now. Checking out this week’s prompt.

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