On this last Friday of Pink Squares in September, I have some images to share. Not just my standard fare, but some used with a mobile app called Painnt (available for Android devices in Google Play Store).

My pink hydrangea with an Autumn flair!

square pink hydrangia

Here are two Painnt images of the same hydrangea.

I found some lovely pink cone flowers in my neighborhood. This was a simple post-edit highlighting the pink against a black and white background.

Cone in black&white

Below is a cropped version of the above image but using the Painnt app filter.

Pink Coneflower

It makes for a fun, yet striking image!

And here is the original image of the pink cone flowers:

Pink Cone Flowers

I had some post-editing photo fun with these images. Thanks to these two photo-bloggers for inspiring me to get acquainted with “paint” apps and programs:

Carol, at Light Words, a fellow Northern Californian, takes wonderful photos and inspired me with her use of MobileMonet which is an Apple app.

Tina Schell, of Travels and Trifles, often uses a photo editor to create dreamy images inspired by impressionists and watercolor artists.

I am pleased with this app and bought the premium version for a whopping $1.99 a month! Don’t worry, I’m not selling anything, but just sharing my discovery of a new way to enhance my images. Needless to say, I am #tickledpink at discovering this!

And many thanks to Becky at Life of B for her Square in September theme of pink!

Also adding this to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge (pastel). Do have a look at her gorgeous hydrangeas!

I’m sharing a few more pink images in this week’s Sunday Stills!


42 thoughts on “Square in September: “Painnt”-ing with #Pink

      1. Yes, that is great, December is an easier month for me as school winds down for the semester and we hit the road to Southern California! Thanks again for hosting! As I mentioned to you earlier, I’m tying in Squares to my Sunday Stills post in two days (Just under the deadline). So much pink, so little time 🙂


  1. It looks like a lot of fun, playing with these apps and editors, Terri. You can create beautiful effects for sure. My favorite one is the pink flower with the black and white background. Makes me wish I’d be a bit more creative with my photos or at east edit them for blog posts, but it already takes so much time to just put my stories and photo galleries out there in the original versions.

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  2. I don’t do photography but I love seeing your photos. These, enhanced or perhaps re-imagined, are really lovely. Thank you for showing the original pic and the alterations you made with the apps. They lend a new perspective of the flowers, showing several options on interpretations. This is where you veer from copy to creation.

    Do you also teach photography? Your students could learn a lot.

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    1. Thank you, Shari! Before kids, I painted a lot with acrylics and drew with pen and ink and oil pastels. Digital photography is quick and painless, haha! I don’t teach photography, because I know so little about the technical processes, but I do use some of my leisure related images in my slideshows.


  3. How fun! I have never really messed with filters before. I am not much of a photographer, but I would like to be and I think this is an area I might like to try more of. I loved the black and white with the pink flower. It is unique and pretty! Nature photos, especially flowers are my favorites!

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  4. My favorite is the second of the two edited hydrangeas. I have a few photo editing apps on my iPad and phone but not Painnt. I think I’ll check it out. I mostly use Luminar for editing my digital photos (a lot like Lightroom, but without the annual fee)… then PicMonkey to add my watermark.

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  5. Well, I like the original images just fine, but I like the old-fashioned, almost sepia-toned hydrangea on the right and the cone flower against the black and white background


  6. From ordinary to extraordinary in one click! I love what you have done with the original photo, especially the spot of color on b/w background. I spent the evening editing head shots that I took of a friend who wants to look ten years younger for her industry publication. Believe it or not, there is an app for that! P.S. love the new look and header image. Very nice!

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    1. Thanks for noticing my changes, Suzanne. It was fun editing these photos, and I believe there is an app for everything now. I would love an app that watermarks right on the image (a free or inexpensive one at least). I edited some of my own head shots into Painnt to see how they would look and of course they one you see is my latest one. Thanks for your support!


      1. I am not that big on the whole watermark thing since I don’t sell my photographs commercially and I am always flattered when someone asks to repost (with credit), but I understand wanting to protect your work. There has to be an inexpensive or even free way to do that. Will put out some ‘feelers’ to the experts in my circles to see if they have suggestions. P.S. Did you notice that PicMonkey is back in business and offering free trials? I had so much fun editing some old photos there yesterday.

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      2. I’ve been using the premium version of picmonkey for over 4 years now. I take my Painnt edited ones now and go into picmonkey and add the watermark. I really enjoy PM because I guess I’m used to it. Easier than photoshop! I appreciate you checking, thanks.


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