Words and camera

Sunday Stills: Fun with #Photo-Editing

If you have ever uploaded an image to your media files for a blog post, no doubt you have edited the photo to some degree. Whether you cropped, adjusted exposure or watermarked your image for publication, there is a need and an art to photo-editing. Some are masters at creating a digital painting, while others …

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pink hydrangea

Square in September: “Painnt”-ing with #Pink

On this last Friday of Pink Squares in September, I have some images to share. Not just my standard fare, but some used with a mobile app called Painnt (available for Android devices in Google Play Store). My pink hydrangea with an Autumn flair! Here are two Painnt images of the same hydrangea. I found …

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Photography 101: Triumphs of the First Time

There is nothing quite as satisfying as accomplishing a difficult sport for the first time! Even more of a triumph when you start these sports at age 50! Do not let age or other barriers stop you from trying something new! Both of these shots were edited in picmonkey. I cropped and warmed the SUP …

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Photography 101: Seeing Double

On Thanksgiving Day, after thoroughly stuffing ourselves with stuffing, turkey and all the trimmings, we took a walk in the Sierra Nevada foothills enjoying the 70-degree weather. My dad lives in Michigan Bluff, an old Gold Rush era town about 50 miles east of Sacramento, California. Besides the gold rush era of the 1850s, the …

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Photography 101: Glass Treasures

With my retirement looming in 17 days, I am busily cleaning my office. Last Friday, I moved several items off my window sill. This morning upon walking in, framed in the window with the sunlight streaming onto the sill, I spied an old treasure. My daughter made the  "#1 Mom" in 1993 as an 8-year …

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