Words and camera

Sunday Stills: Fun with #Photo-Editing

If you have ever uploaded an image to your media files for a blog post, no doubt you have edited the photo to some degree. Whether you cropped, adjusted exposure or watermarked your image for publication, there is a need and an art to photo-editing. Some are masters at creating a digital painting, while others …

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pink hydrangea

Square in September: “Painnt”-ing with #Pink

On this last Friday of Pink Squares in September, I have some images to share. Not just my standard fare, but some used with a mobile app called Painnt (available for Android devices in Google Play Store). My pink hydrangea with an Autumn flair! Here are two Painnt images of the same hydrangea. I found …

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Photography 101: A 420 Moment, Sort of

While travelling to Spokane, Washington a few years ago for Thanksgiving, I noticed my Toyota Rav4's odometer hit an interesting milestone, reaching 111,111 miles. In another mile I would have missed this once-in-a-lifetime moment. A day or two later, when I showed my husband this photo, he exclaimed about the 42.0 miles, "Oh look, 420! …

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Photography 101: Pops of Color

How does color tell a story in your photo? The first image is of the sunrise over the Sea of Cortez in La Ventana, Mexico. Although the surrounding colors are muted, the window is on fire as it reflects the sunrise. The next image is the sunrise that was captured in the window! The sky …

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Mysterious night

Photography 101: Mysterious Twilight Stroll

Have you ever been for an evening walk as twilight settles in for the night? With two days before Thanksgiving (late November), there seems to be an air of mystery as twilight is poised in anticipation of families getting together. I love the random, little Christmas tree and how the streetlight splashes a pool of light onto the street. …

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Photography 101: Warmth of a Kitchen

For this photography 101 assignment, we were to use light to invoke warmth into the shot. What better place to find warmth than in the lovely kitchen of my sister-in-law. This was taken a day before Thanksgiving in Eastern Washington state. Here the winter sun is struggling to shine in through the window and manages …

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Photography 101: More Autumn Leaves

I can't really explain why I am so obsessed with Autumn. I love the colors of the trees--the yellows, golds, reds and browns against the few remaining greens. After a long hot summer, Autumn brings cooler temperatures, shorter days and the promise of a crackling fire in the fireplace. Autumn also ushers in the holiday …

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Photography 101: Connecting in Leisure

Leisure connections are vitally important to the human condition. Regardless of our hobbies, pastimes and interests that bring us happiness or challenges, the friendships and human connections we make with one another as we partake in these activities ultimately help create communities. When you join a club, you now belong to a community of like-minded …

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Perspectives On…Bliss on the Beach

We spent two weeks in La Ventana, Baja Sur Mexico for a windsurfing vacation. On this day, after one hour of windsurfing, I set my gear down (the red sail and board) and went up to the house, washed my hair, changed into my shorts, grabbed my Kindle, an adult beverage, a beach chair, and …

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