Three new windsurfers enjoying a light-wind day
Three new windsurfers enjoying a light-wind day

Leisure connections are vitally important to the human condition. Regardless of our hobbies, pastimes and interests that bring us happiness or challenges, the friendships and human connections we make with one another as we partake in these activities ultimately help create communities. When you join a club, you now belong to a community of like-minded folks who share similar values and interests.

In the above image, (that’s me in the middle), as I was learning to windsurf, I met a few other women who were learning as well. The pure joy of accomplishing the goal of sailing back and forth, pleased that we hadn’t fallen in so quickly this time, united us in this moment, forever connecting us as we chortled with glee! After several hours of this, we then sat on the beach, happy in our mutual exhaustion, exclaiming how we made that tack, or successfully steered around random swimmers.

As we become connected in our leisure pursuits, whether in the act of windsurfing, sewing in a quilting circle, or reading our fellow bloggers’ wonderful stories, we belong to a community that provides lasting relationships.

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