Today is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. This year, the solstice arrives one day before the full moon.

I couldn’t resist posting my full moon shot for Becky B’s December Squares Challenge! Click on the link for her round-up of posts.

Moon shot

Friday also marks the astronomical beginning of winter, even though meteorologists and climatologists view winter as starting Dec. 1, which is the start of the coldest three months in the Northern Hemisphere. After the solstice, the days slowly start to get longer again. USA Today

I admit to using this same moon photo in a previous Sunday Stills post for Bucket List Images. It’s been too cloudy for moon shots lately. May as well make those rare images work a little harder!


26 thoughts on “Winter Solstice Moon

  1. Thanks for the reminder, I had forgotten it. This morning the sunrise has been terrific for awhile and I didn’t get a photo. It has been raining most nights lately and the mountains are getting snow. Have good Christmas!

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    1. It was worth spending the $$ on a photography class (like just how to actually use my camera on manual settings), thank you Becky, and happy Solstice. I’m squeezing in one more December square on Sunday as that will be my last Sunday Stills post for the year.


  2. It is an amazing shot you should be very proud of, Terri. I was staring at the moon last night during our dog walk and had to think about your photo and the details it shows, as a thin layer of clouds fleeted before the moon without obscuring it. That and the Christmas lights in the neighborhood was enough to get in the festive mood. Not that we will do anything special this coming week. I hope you have a nice time and holidays, wherever you are. And, that 2019 will bring lots of fun, fitness and photos. 🙂 And, an amazing road trip for you and Hans.


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