Nothing is more festive than the decorations and lights people use for their holiday celebrations!

That is our theme for this week’s Sunday Stills photo challenge!

Last week we looked at traditions as we explored Christmas light displays in some of the neighborhoods with my darling Japanese exchange student! Here are some images.

Festive Purple Lights

Quick selfie with Ayaka! There were a lot of people enjoying the lights!

Seeing the Lights

A festive wreath adorns Pacific Beach’s Crystal Pier at Christmas time, even as surfers hit the waves.

Wreath on Pier

A festive pic of Aero from a couple of years ago! He thinks he is a gift (and he is!).

Aero thinks he is a gift...he is!

What puts you in a festive mood?



58 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: #Festive!

  1. The spirit is always so overwhelming! I didn’t feel like cooking the Venezuelan seasonal food this year but I found a Venezuelan woman to buy it from. This is definitely one thing that puts me in the Christmas spirit.

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  2. Singing puts me in the festive mood, Terri. I participate in our church choir and we had a Christmas program we start practicing in October so we’ll be ready for the Christmas season. We go to area care facilities to sing it – going to do that this afternoon, and we sing it at our church the Sunday before Christmas. It makes me happy to do this and reminds me of the real reason I celebrate Christmas. Oh yeah, and I love Christmas lights, too! Love your pictures.

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    1. I miss being in our church choir. Practices are on Wednesdays and I’ve been teaching those nights. At least I can enjoy the performance each year. I would love to sing with a group and travel to care facilities, bless you, Molly, that you give in such a way!

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  3. Beautiful photos and memories, Terri. You gotta love Christmas time in Southern California. I enjoy taking our current doggy for walks in our Ocean Beach neighborhood at night and stare at all the lights and decorations at some houses. And, the funky Christmas tree of Ocean Beach is always a delight. Happy holidays!!!

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  4. It’s starting to warm up after some weird weather lately, dust storms, heavy rain and wild weather! We’ve started having festive and end of year get togethers and this makes it seem more real now. I love seeing the Christmas trees go up in our main street, every year inmates from our correctional centre attach trees to the poles down the street and it looks great, along with the coloured lights strung across the street, it all seems very festive, despite having to wait so long for it to get dark here!! Thanks again for the prompt Terri and great photos from you showing fun and joy. I have linked my recent post to yours and add it here too –

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  5. Hi Terri, Christmas lights always put me in the mood for Christmas. This time of year can be very dark- I find myself turning on my lamps by 3 or 4:00 in the afternoon. Christmas lights help cheer up winter. I love the photo of the wreath on the dock. Our docks are deserted in winter!

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  6. As soon as December arrives, I go all festive, Terri. Hearing Christmas carols being sung, wrapping up gifts, writing Christmas cards, seeing the Christmas specials on the TV – all make me feel festive. I love the build-up to Christmas. I know it’s always a busy time of the year, but I love taking in every moment of it.
    Aero looks great under the tree. I can’t put gifts under our tree until the evening of Christmas Eve, because two certain corgis would think all the gifts were for them and would have great fun tearing off all the paper.

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      1. Thank you, Terri. I’m planning on taking a break from blogging from the end of this week until Jan 2nd, so I can enjoy the atmosphere and experience of Christmas. I don’t want to miss a single second of it.
        Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and the family. ☃️🎄

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      1. Ha. I grew up on the west coast of Cornwall and we used to swim in the sea there. No idea what the temperature was, but it always felt freezing to me. Mind you I was just skin and bone in those day, no insulation.

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