For the Sunday Stills challenge to celebrate the first week in July, share your favorite thing about summer. You can simply share one photo of your favorite summer experience or wow us with a gallery of what summer means to you.

And it’s not just about photos…perhaps you are inspired by a song, poem, artwork, short story or something else. It would be nice to have a photo of your idea, but please be creative!

What does “summer” mean to you? Is it the warm (or hot) weather? Or…

Witnessing a refreshing summer storm?

Variety of textures in the delta

Planting and enjoying your backyard garden?

Summer Zinneas

Enjoying a water sport?

Windsurfer getting some air
Windsurfer getting some air

Enrolling the kids in some swim lessons?

Swimming lessons for youth are inexpensive and necessary!

A beautiful hike in the mountains?

Lupine view of mountains at Mammoth Lakes
Lupine view of mountains at Mammoth Lakes

Calm sunrise at a Mexican resort?

The difference a new day makes in our quest for change

Chasing your dog on the beach?

Brodie at ocean Beach San Diego
Brodie at Ocean Beach in San Diego

Stopping to smell the flowers?


Visiting a national park?

Yosemite Valley with Bridalveil Falls
Yosemite Valley

Whatever it is, please share your idea of SUMMER this week!

Instagram meme Good times and tan linesSince we are on the subject of summer, feel free to join us on Instagram for the Summer Instagram Photo Challenge that starts today. You can join anytime!

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53 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: What Does #Summer Mean to You?

  1. This is an awesome theme! I can’t wait to get done with my chores, so that I can upload the photos on my camera. They are going to be just perfect for this theme. I like how you show possible entries with your photos! Your blog is very inspiring.

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  2. I will need to think about it. It is just a other season to me. Since my birthday occurs early in the month I remember that. It means hot and dried, forest fires and the valley full of smoke. As a child growing up there was a big celebration as Idaho became a state on July 3rd. A two day celebration occur. This holiday is no longer observe as it was discontinued for World War two and never made it back.
    Have great summer!

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  3. Hi Terri, I love your dog running along the beach. Summer to me is going to our apartment by the beach and enjoying long walks and relaxation. As we are in the Southern Hemisphere, Summer means Christmas and New Year Celebrations! Enjoy your Summer.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

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    1. Thanks, Sue, I still have trouble wrapping my head around my idea of Christmas and New Years celebrated in warm summer climate. I’ve gotten a little taste of it being in Mexico during the holidays. Sounds like fun for sure!


  4. Terri, a wonderful bunch of photos that really define summer. For us, it means more time with our grands, both the older ones in our neighborhood and the younger ones in Northern Cal. Sorry, I don’t post photos as I rarely take them, but I so enjoy yours.

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  5. Pingback: SUNDAY STILLS: #SUMMER = Hiking! – NorCal Zen
    1. Thank you, Laura, our summer consists of windsurfing (almost) every weekend, this one a family wedding, then our 40 yr high school reunion. I married one of my classmates 5 yrs ago so we are excited to show up as a married couple 🙂


  6. Sensational photos to illustrate summer. I especially like the sunflower and of course, the idea of a Mexican beach vacay! I like the idea of sharing a poem or song that represents summer. Thank you for promoting my Insta summer photo challenge. Will be linking up for this week’s Sunday Stills!

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    1. That’s so great to hear, Leslie! I checked the IG hashtag and pleased to see some folks I know (one a former student!), and a blogger from South Africa are playing along! Looking forward to your post!


  7. Wonderful photos showing everything I love about the summer. NYC summers are something you wait for all winter so you really appreciate them, the warm air, the sun and the long days… forgetting to eat because you think it’s 4pm and it’s really 7 or 8 haha

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  8. Lovely to see such a large and ever-growing group of bloggers participating in your Sunday Stills. And so many names that I know. Your Yosemite picture makes me long to visit there as they always do. You have captured that place so well. My favorite things about summer are fresh local fruits and veg, long nights, and two special birthdays on the same day in July 😉

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    1. HI Lisa, thank you for taking the time to comment! I always appreciate them and your feedback! So July 15th this year marks my dad’s 82nd birthday and my brother’s wedding day in San Diego. I’ll be sure to say a little toast to my favorite sailor friend 🙂

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