Gideon and Aero, brothers from a separate litter, are still unseparableMy dogs, both six years old now, are inseparable partners. Gideon, the blonde terrier mix who loves to chase the ball, makes a soft headrest for his younger brother from another litter, Aero. Aero ended up with the Cocker genes.

Although Gideon belongs to my daughter, these two pals go everywhere we go, including the Sacramento delta where we windsurf. In this photo, they lay on the beach, apparently wiped out after a day of hanging out with the windsurfers.

Wiped Out after a long day hanging out with the windsurfers

These next photos depict their pooch partnership!


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38 thoughts on “Inseparable Partners

  1. So adorable! Definitely woman’s best friend! Miss my doggie SO much but Gazza won’t have another one. I have thought about going and buying a puppy that will melt his heart as soon as he sees it. Lovely pictures.


  2. Adorable dogs, Terri, and wonderful pictures of them. If our senior springer, Gulliver, didn’t dislike the camera so intensely, I would post pictures of him every week.


  3. Hi Terri! Those fur babies are so very sweet….and make perfect “partners!” I sometimes wonder if we should get another dog but at this point our “Kloe” doesn’t even think she’s a dog so she might never make that kind of partner. ~Kathy


  4. OMG I am in love with these two! My husband won’t let me get a dog (he is uneasy around them) so we have 3 cats. I want a dog SOOOOO badly so I love reading stories like this, Terri. They are so adorable. Are you looking for a dogwalker????


  5. Oh wow – these two are VERY cute! My current dog Dolly is very ‘independent’ and doesn’t particularly like it when other dogs come to visit – I had my sons dog over with my granddaughters for a ‘sleepover’ at the weekend and Dolly spent most of the weekend sulking under my bed. However, I had 2 King Charles Spaniels a few years ago that weren’t related but fell in love – they’d both been mistreated as puppies and they use to cuddle up just like your two so this is a lovely reminder of those 2 precious pooches Charlie & Candy! Lovely pictures.. xx


      1. Yes – Dolly is very loyal, a bit of a Princess and a terrible thief!! She stole my granddaughters sausage at the weekend…. haha – she’s too cute for us to put her in the ‘naughty corner’ for long though! … We think Dolly is a long haired chiuahuah. I do still love King Charles Spaniels though – they have a very special place in my heart.. x


  6. They are adorable, but I cracked up at the fact that they almost always seem to be laying down. Our cat is the same way and we call her a freeloader lol!


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