Wind is necessary for wind sports such as kite-boarding and windsurfing
Windy Weightlessness

The theme of the weekly photo challenge asks us to show the effects of gravity.

Wind is the name of the game for windsurfers and kiteboarders. On a low wind day, the windsurf sail can feel like a heavy weight to push up and out of the water. Kite boarders can still fly on much less wind.

This local windsock in the shape of a fish, flutters weightlessly in the strong winds as avid kiters and sailors take to the water.

A flying windsock promises wind for kite surfing
A flying windsock promises wind for kite surfing


27 thoughts on “Windy Weightlessness

      1. As a sailor, I totally get ‘too much wind’. Luckily Sydney is beautiful in any condition, because we seem to get the gamut here from extreme heat to buckets of rain when the front moves through.

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  1. You’ve been having way too much fun, Terri! 🙂 Seems as though you’ve been in Mexico forever. Enjoy those last precious days and safe travels home, where it seems you’re finally getting rain!


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    1. By this time next week, I will be sitting home remembering my two weeks in Mexico. Leaving on Tuesday. It may be 3 more years before we can come back. Looking forward to winter rain only because we need it. Thanks for the comment Janet!

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