Happy New Year from Baja Joe’s resort in La Ventana, Baja Sur, Mexico!

Baja Joe's Doors

The doors to the vast resort garage are hidden by the huge mural that covers the entire building. This is my submission for Norm 2.0’s weekly Thursday Doors challenge.

Behind these doors lie a wondrous array of windsurf and kiteboard equipment. The doors are usually pulled open, but when closed, mirror the beach just steps away.

This is where we are staying for our windsurf vacation. Baja Joe’s resort caters to windsurfers and kiteboarders from November through April, when the wind blows from the North in the Sea of Cortez. The daytime air temperatures average a balmy 75 degrees (Fahrenheit).

This photo shows the whole view. Our room is off to the right somewhere behind those palm trees. There are another set of large doors shown in the far left of the photo.

Doors of Baja Joe's Resort

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebrations and please be safe!

This is also submitted to the Weekly Photo Challenge Now.

21 thoughts on “Thursday Doors at Baja Joe’s

  1. Happy New Year, Terri and family! Enjoy your beautiful New Years Eve and may 2016 bring you joy, love and happiness!! Thank you for your friendship! I’m grateful for you!!!

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