What makes you happy? I spent an entire weekend at home…during the summer! A rare occurrence for me. After all the traveling I have done this month, a weekend at home made me really happy.

Because my slight knee injury is preventing me from taking part in my usual leisure activities, I will share two photos of what makes me happy at this moment.

This is a photo I took three years ago, the last time I visited La Ventana, Baja, Mexico. This was the view from a restaurant of a small bay called Bahia de los Suenos (Bay of Dreams). After a long day snorkeling, we stopped for a late lunch at this restaurant. I just loved this view.

Restaurant view of the Sea of Cortez

The subject of this next photo is what REALLY makes me happy: watching my hunky hubby tossing a football around with some younger guys on the beach near the resortΒ in La Ventana. My hubby used to play football in high school, and he played the “other futbol” for years as an adult. An NFL football game was on TV as I read the Sunday Stills challenge.


Sometimes we manage to find other fun ways to get our leisure on when the wind is not blowing. We are booked for La Ventana this coming winter. I will be very happy to go back!

Let me ask you again…what makes YOU happy?

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36 thoughts on “Happiness Is…Being Happy

    1. That’s the Spanish spelling. NFL football is completely different than soccer, known as football to the rest of the world. My husband is of Chilean descent on his mother’s side, so that’s why I spelled it that way. he played both sports.

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  1. Great photos and view. I can see why it makes you happy. I thought staying home and not getting up early was to be happy. After a little while, I started to go among the masses and learn all over againg what life is all about. The simplest of things. Thanks for sharing Terry. Feel better with knee Cara.

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  2. It all looks gorgeous and I love relaxing on holidays – looks like I’ll need a “slight” injury to give me an excuse to kick back and watch everyone else πŸ™‚

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  3. I think I’d be very happy having lunch at a location like that. If they serve fantastic sea food I would have been even happier πŸ™‚

    One of things that makes me happy is when I am writing. Letting my mind run wild without having to worry about it brings me a lot of pleasure. Whether I publish what I have written it a new different ball game but when it brings results then the happiness is inflated.

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    1. Their seafood was wonderful, freshly caught! Can you imagine just sitting in a place like that and able to write with reckless abandon? I may have to give that a try when I go there this winter. Love your writing and it makes ME happy πŸ™‚


  4. Love the location and you both look like you are having fun. You are right that happiness is being happy. Thanks Terri for linking up with us at #WednesdaysWisdom and see you next week.

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