For Wordless Wednesday, let your images tell the story.

Strolling through Gilbert Riparian Reserve
Who is the Tour Guide at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve?

“Serendipity was my tour guide, assisted by caprice.” ~Pico Iyer

Black-necked Stilt
Black-necked Stilt seen at the Preserve
Snowy Egret at Riparian Preserve
Snowy Egret at Riparian Preserve

Sharing for Marsha’s WQ: Be a Tour Guide and Earth Day, Denzil Nature’s NPC long-legged birds, Don’t Hold Your Breath’s Bird of the Week, and Cee’s FOTD (Honey Mesquite tree)

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57 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: Which Way Tour?

  1. This post ticks off a long list of challenges! I love the picture of Hans talking. He is definitely the guide, with his guide dog to ensure that he finds all the birds. LOL Love your bird pictures. You are so talented, my friend! 🙂

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    1. And to think this post was in response to your tour guide last week and your WQ earth day this week, Marsha. When I saw Denzil’s bird challenge I had to add the two birds. Thank you so much, bestie! Actually I think Vanessa wanted to be the guide 🤣

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      1. I had already linked you to my Tour guide, so I only linked to this week, but I have you also as an inspiration. I did sort out pastel flowers. They turned out to make a beautiful display.

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      2. You are just too cute! You are linked to both posts, but in different places. Talk to you soon. We head to Vegas tomorrow. I’ll call you when we are on the trip.

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      1. That’s good that you’re home, Terri. As I said, I love traveling, but I miss my routine and my bed. I know Portland was very hot in the last two summers. I went ahead to start planting flowers.

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  2. I like the birds here in this post Terri and the last image made me smile. Very clever! You could have had a category of “long” – the Stilt: a long-legged and long-beaked bird (do they name it Stilt for the long legs?) Also, Egret: a long-necked bird.

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