This is what happens when you enjoy the great outdoors…

Walking dogs on a trail
Get outdoors with friends and dogs

** Eagle images were graciously provided by my neighbor Diana who admins the Facebook group “BlueBell Court Eagles.” The eagles found a new nest so these are wonderful memories from June 2021.

See you on Sunday for the solstice and have a wonderful Wednesday!

signature eagle

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28 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: June is Great Outdoors Month

  1. Love the images. I adored my last dog, but he was too infirmed to go for walks. My new puppy–only 4 months old–already walks farther than I do. The Great Outdoors and dog walking–nothing better.

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    1. I love the outdoors, Aletta. This morning I saw a bald eagle flying over our neighborhood with a raven chasing it. Kind of funny to see but fascinating to see them side by side in the air and realize just how much bigger the eagle is than the raven (which are good sized birds themselves).


  2. Terri,
    You’ve convinced me that I need to learn paddleboarding. The water looks so inviting to us in Tennessee right now (106 deg. heat index) and we need a fun way to cool off. What did you use to edit your banner photo? Great stuff! Joe

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    1. Thank you, Joe! I suppose it is not wonderful to get outdoors in the heat, and I imagine your humidity is high, too…ick! Must be why I live in the west! Paddleboarding is super easy! I have PicMonkey premium account for my photo editing and it creates banners, signatures, etc. That top image of me sit-down paddling was edited with the Painnt app filter.

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  3. SUP looks like so much fun Terri. I don’t know how to swim, so I’d never try it. Being outdoors is good to nurture your soul. We had a gorgeous weekend, which followed on the heels of the mini heat wave last Wednesday and Thursday. Now we’re headed into 98F territory for Tuesday. I took advantage of the good weather and walked so much Friday and this weekend that I wore myself out all three days. I’ll stockpile the good-weather days for Winter. Watching birds fledge is fun. My neighbor had a couple of Mourning Doves build a nest in a mesh planter she left on her deck over the Winter. She watched them through her doorwall and had a bird’s eye view of the nest, feeding and care, then fledging of the young. She watched the “practice fledges” and knew they would soon be leaving.

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