Whietwashed world

Sunday Stills: A #White-Washed World

With winter still in full swing in the northern hemisphere, I wanted to challenge us all to look at and photograph objects that are the color white. If you live in or around snow, then show us your snowy scenes. If not, the color white is all around us. I'm still a newbie to living …

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A Fresh Start for the Sunday Stills Photo Challenge

Looking for a fresh start to 2021? Sunday Stills starts with a bang on January 3rd! Join myself and several other bloggers who host a variety of challenges, now that the (weird) holidays are essentially over. Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com We’ve always spent New Years' Eve at home enjoying quiet dinners and movies …

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Elephant Rock, Valley of Fire

Wordless Wednesday: Afternoon De-Light

I'm sharing three photos for Becky B's January Squares Challenge today for Wordless Wednesday. The theme for these images is "Afternoon Delight" taken while on our winter road trip. Before dinner on Christmas Eve, we walked along the Sail Bay side of Pacific Beach in San Diego. The light was amazing! Afternoon Light on Pacific …

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snowy bough

Winter Macro in #DecemberSquares

I don't always get to see snow, but when I do, I am so happy to capture an image that depicts a winter day. We still have some colorful autumn leaves hanging on for dear life, but wintertime is here! The pine stays green in winter, wisdom in hardship. - Norman Douglas Submitting for December …

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Snow in August? One Word Photo Challenge

I lied. If it snowed in August, this photo would have been taken in Alaska. So, I give you...wait for it... ...snow in December! Does it make you feel cool? This is the view from my father's house in the Sierra Nevada foothills. And yes, it was at Christmas. Snow is the theme for Jennifer …

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Cold Days

For Jennifer Nichole Wells' Weekly Photo Challenge--the Seasons, this week's theme is COLD. Is it cold where you are? We are expecting temperatures in the upper 80s by the end of this week, after unseasonably cooler days with clouds the last couple of weeks. This photo shows a cold snowstorm that hit my dad's place …

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Water Envelops Us

Enveloped Water, in its three forms, ice, liquid and vapor, envelops us and our surroundings. These two photos show how water in liquid form envelops its users, either on purpose, like the little girl under the swimming pool mushroom.... or ... ...the big girl (me), gracefully (ha!) falling off my paddle-board. The next photo shows …

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The Clinic Photo Rehab: Winter’s Day

California needs rain...badly! January was recorded as the driest in history--no rain. Many of the ski resorts closed because of the lack of snow. While the rest of US has been hit with snowmeggedon, and even rain in the southwest, Northern California remains dry. Why is this bad? The Sierra Nevadas need a major snow …

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