Water, in its three forms, ice, liquid and vapor, envelops us and our surroundings.

These two photos show how water in liquid form envelops its users, either on purpose, like the little girl under the swimming pool mushroom…. or …

Original image by Kimberly Glaster. Used by permission

…the big girl (me), gracefully (ha!) falling off my paddle-board.


The next photo shows the solid form of water as snow, as it envelops the backyard,

as warmly seen from the window.


The last photo demonstrates how water in the form of vapor, manifested as low clouds, crawls slowly down the mountain, enveloping the pine trees.


18 thoughts on “Water Envelops Us

  1. Terri! I love all these pics and how the water indeed envelops its subjects!
    I particularly like the water “mushroom” pic at the water park…Ah, the temperatures are almost at that hot summer level where the pool is the place to be!
    Happy Friday my dear!

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