Looking for a fresh start to 2021? Sunday Stills starts with a bang on January 3rd! Join myself and several other bloggers who host a variety of challenges, now that the (weird) holidays are essentially over.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

We’ve always spent New Years’ Eve at home enjoying quiet dinners and movies and much will be the same this year now that we are in Spokane. For the last two years, we spent the New Year in our trailer enjoying winter road trips in Arizona and Las Vegas.

We’re expecting more snowfall today and I am helping around the house of our temporary home with snow shoveling duties! I’m also testing out my new snowshoes this afternoon!

January themes are ready for viewing and I hope you can join me and others for the variety of photo and writing challenges that are sure to spark your creativity in 2021. You can link to my Sunday Stills page and plan your posts!

I hope to see you on January 3 as we take a retrospective look back at 2020. Share the highs and lows of your year in images using your favorite photos. I will be reflecting on each month with previous images and a few new ones.

Enjoy a safe and happy New Year and hope to see you this Sunday!

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34 thoughts on “A Fresh Start for the Sunday Stills Photo Challenge

  1. I came back to tell you I was nodding at your various major life changes in 2020….I retired from Uni (and other teacher!) aged 65, moved away from our family and home of 18 years and understand the various challenges encountered! I am so sorry your Mum died. Hard to fathom the limitations with COVID isn’t it? Denyse

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    1. I’m surprised to read other retrospectives and how similar many of them were. I just read Debbie’s and we had similar experiences. And I think these life events happen regardless of pandemics and other nuisances! It is fun to discover common ground, Denyse!

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  2. Hello from me in Australia! I found you and your blog and #sundaystills thanks to Deb from Deb’s World and I have posted for the first time using your prompt and the hashtag. I have a link up each Monday called Life This Week. Love connecting here with you and now following your blog and on twitter.


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      1. Thank you Terri. I am now following you too. My blog is self hosted so can be followed on my FB page or Bloglovin.

        It’s good to make some changes to shake my blogging up – over 10 years now!

        Your warm welcome is appreciated.

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  3. Terri,
    Eight inches is a bunch of snow! I love the stuff…now that I don’t have to work in it. Eagerly looking forward to January 3 and the retro. Have a wonderful New Year and relish the excitement surrounding your new home. Joe

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    1. Thanks, Joe! I’m glad I don’t have to work in it. I think I’m officially retired, since I’m not teaching. We’re having a quiet dinner at the brothers and wives, and I’ll be lucky to make it to 11pm. Be safe and look forward to your post!


  4. Good to hear you enjoying all the snow, Terri. And good to hear you’re helping out with clearing it off paths. But have you built a snowman yet?
    Happy New Year to you, Hans and the pups. And wishing you continued success with Sunday Stills.

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    1. I better enjoy the snow since Spokane broke a record with 8.1 inches of snow on Dec 30! Happy to have my 4 wheel drive! No snowman yet, apparently my gloves aren’t waterproof! Thank you, Hugh and best wishes for a happy new year for you and your family!

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  5. I hope you’re enjoying the snow and have a Happy New Year. I’m working on my 2020 post, but I think I’m going to stick with highs. I’ve had enough with lows this year.

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