The Density of Alcohol

There is nothing like a photography challenge to make you look for photo ops in unusual places. Um, yes, my hubby's liquor cabinet is full. Actually Dense! Two shelves are full! You will notice quite an array of choices here. Oh, this must be MY shelf--I see the makings of vodka margaritas. Where is the … Continue reading The Density of Alcohol

What Swimming With Whale Sharks Taught Me

The beginning of a brand new year can be inspiring for most of us. Last year I experienced something I never thought I would do. This is a re-post from January 2016. I hope you enjoy reading this once more. Several weeks ago, while vacationing in Baja, Mexico, I had an amazing opportunity to swim … Continue reading What Swimming With Whale Sharks Taught Me

What Do You Receive in Your Walk with Nature?

If you have followed my blog recently, you recall that I recently (re)-visited Yosemite National Park on Easter weekend. You also may or may not know that this was my 24th visit to the park. Why yes, I rather do consider it my backyard. I am fortunate to live three hours' drive away. This view … Continue reading What Do You Receive in Your Walk with Nature?

How Writing Built My Blog

Imagine my excitement when Hugh Roberts asked me to write a guest post and be his featured blogger for March. I stand in very good company with previous guest bloggers whom I have followed because of the nature of the content they share. If you've been a reader of Hugh’s blog long enough, not only … Continue reading How Writing Built My Blog

Empty Hours Foster Creativity

In our busy lives, we often forget to take some quiet time for ourselves. By the way, sleeping does not count. I love this quote because it speaks to me. Each time I have partaken in a quiet leisure activity, even if it is just sitting and contemplating in a natural setting, creative energy flows … Continue reading Empty Hours Foster Creativity

Seven Summer Fitness Strategies

It is no secret that being physically fit prevents illness, keeps or gets us lean, and is ideal for overall health. Everyone has their own definition of fitness. Although May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, fitness should be an attainable goal all year long. The trouble with summer fitness is…it’s hot outside! Heat for … Continue reading Seven Summer Fitness Strategies

Dear Dock: What if You Never Existed?

I have written about the Sacramento State University’s Aquatic Center before. Here is a new twist on the writing 101 prompt. I am combining Day 14 and 15. Dear Dock, The Sacramento community is surrounded by lakes and two major rivers. It gets very hot here in the summertime, some days reaching up to 110 … Continue reading Dear Dock: What if You Never Existed?

Why Inner City Kids Need Black Lifeguards

Swimming Pool Image by As the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday approaches, I want to discuss the subject of leisure as it relates to race. I spent many years as the aquatics director for a large urban recreation department recruiting lifeguards from varied ethnic backgrounds. The lack of African-American lifeguards serves as a … Continue reading Why Inner City Kids Need Black Lifeguards