I think our liquor cabinet needs pruning.

There is nothing like a photography challenge to make you look for photo ops in unusual places. Um, yes, my hubby’s liquor cabinet is full. Actually Dense! Two shelves are full! You will notice quite an array of choices here.

Bottom shelf of the alcohol cabinet. I see things I like!

Oh, this must be MY shelf–I see the makings of vodka margaritas. Where is the skinny margarita mix?

Some of these are empty bottles (really!) that we refill and take to our windsurf camp with us. The smaller bottles fit better in our trailer.

Two acres to mow after a long winter. Delta time!


There is a lot of landscaping on the property to handle this first weekend day of April, like mowing the two acres of pasture land that becomes our weekend home forΒ 5 months of weekend leisure time.

Hubby and his friends may end up raiding the liquor cabinet after all that mowing and weed eating.

He tends to prefer his beer after a day of working in the “yard.”



He has a small, densely displayed stein collection on a shelf. These steins and goblets are from Germany and Hungary.

Hubby's Stein Collection, from Germany and Hungary

Well, whatever you do this weekend, don’t be dense and drive drunk!


19 thoughts on “The Density of Alcohol

  1. That bottle of Malibu has my name on it. Perfect with pineapple juice. But, not bad with OJ either. I don’t think we have anything dense going on right now, or even tense. When it comes to alcohol, we have a few half empty bottles left we hope to finish before we leave our car somewhere and fly east for two months… Not a bad task. πŸ™‚

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  2. Funny post! Sometimes I buy some obscure type of alcohol for a recipe and just use a bit. The rest goes on our – very densely packed – booze shelf in or pantry. Since we usually only drink wine, there it sits year after year. We should probably just have a big party and use it all up. Unfortunately, most of our friends also only drink wine too. Banana liquor anyone?

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  3. When I am in a bar, the kind with the long glass shelves filled with bottles, I always look at the pretty bottles and different labels. Granted I don’t know what half of the booze is used for, but it is fun to see the designs. I don’t think I usually “see” like a photographer, but when I looked at your photos, I immediately remembered how I always look at the bottles. Maybe I am learning developing an eye for photos since i quickly understood what you were getting at here!

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