It is time for another Sunday Stills monthly color challenge! This one is rosy red. Just in time for Valentine’s Day (if you celebrate), you can show us your favorite things that are rosy red. “Rosy” implies a little pink in the red, but the range can be dark pink to deep burgundy for this challenge.

Here’s an actual rose to get you started!

Rain-soaked rose glistens
Rainy rosebud

Rosy Florals

All the years I lived in Sacramento, mid-February was the time that many species of trees would bloom, breaking up the dreary, gray landscape with the promise of spring, and thus providing that rosy outlook. Few, if any were red in color, except this one of a Flowering Quince blossom that I took two years ago in February.

Rosy Quince blossom

Living here in Spokane, WA, where winter holds on tight, I won’t see many blooming trees until April or May.

In the meantime, I will share some of my favorite florals from past posts. Bougainvillea are beautiful climbing plants that thrive in warmer climates. Just about any time of year, I would see them while visiting San Diego.

Pink and white bougainvillea
Beautiful bougainvillea

Two years ago, I bought plumeria stalks to plant at home. The pink one flowered within three months of planting (almost unheard of!). I enjoyed its rosy pink blooms for several months, taking endless photos of them.

Rosy pink plumeria

I was quite proud of the plant and the seemingly endless blooms it produced. Last year, the same plant did not flower at all but grew nicely in its pot. As our pending move to Spokane loomed, I re-homed the two plumeria plants, the other a yellow one that never bloomed, to my daughter’s home in San Diego. Plumeria LOVE it there and the plants, especially the pink and yellow variety, thrive in the temperate climate.

All florals are shared today on Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Riotous Red Leaves

“Rebellious leaves going out in a blaze of glory, setting trees aflame in riotous color.”

John Mark Green, Taste the Wild Wonder: Poems

I had a beautiful Japanese Maple planted in my front yard in my former house in Sacramento. The tree never failed to impress me with its magnificent, rich rosy-reds. I will miss this tree I planted 20 years ago.

Red Maple Square

But I have stunning maple trees to enjoy once we get into our new home and can begin landscaping. This one lives in my sister-in-law’s backyard.

Red Maple
Red Maple

Maples, aspens, and pines are my trees of choice and will do well in the various climates here in Eastern Washington.

My Birdy Valentines

I’ve been remiss in joining Lisa’s Bird Weekly lately. This week, her challenge is “birds you love.” So of course I have to share one of my Anna hummers at the red feeder …

hummingbird ready to feed

I dearly loved this little family of hummingbirds. They stayed around all year (in mostly mild Northern California) and nested in the trees with the promise of new generations to visit the neighborhood feeders.

… and while we are on the theme of rosy red, I had to share this redheaded woodpecker from my archives. Captured when I was learning to shoot with my Lumix!

Redheaded Woodpecker

A Rosy Outlook

Despite the bitter cold snap we are having this week, and managing to do so in our RV, a rosy outlook is at hand!

Rosy sunset RV park

As we settle in to accept the slowness of the building of our manufactured home, we have an appointment with an engineer from the local power (electric) company this Monday. Hopefully, this next step to get power officially connected to the home will go swiftly!

I’m also linking this to Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share!

Sunday Stills Photo Challenge Reminders

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  • Don’t forget to create a pingback to this post so that other participants can read your post. I also recommend adding your post’s URL into the comments.
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I like to think Sunday Stills is a wonderful community of bloggers and photographers who desire to connect with one another. Each week I will share the links on the following post so you can continue to meet and support each other. And with that…

New Bloggers to Sunday Stills I Failed to Welcome:

A Fallen Round-Up

I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend here in the US, or at least Valentines Day today. I’m looking forward to your creative ideas for rosy red!

have a good week

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146 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Color Challenge: A #Rosy Outlook

      1. Dear Terri,

        Thank you. This image comes from my very special tribute to my mother entitled “Khai & Khim: For Always and Beyond Goodbye ❀🌸🦢💮❀” published at

        In the said post, you can see how beautiful she was, especially Photos of Her Looking Like Leslie Caron and Queen Elizabeth II (taken in 1955). In addition, you can listen to many of my musical compositions and performances dedicated to my mother.

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  1. Dear Terri,

    Hello! I am a late comer to your wonderful post entitled “Sunday Stills Color Challenge: A #Rosy Outlook” here, and this is my entry, which you have probably seen in my post entitled “🦅 SoundEagle in Chinese New Year Celebration, Spring Festival, Lion Dance, Food, Ornaments, Traditional Culture and Architecture 🏮🎋🦁🥗🎐㊗️⛩”.

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    1. So my themes are weekly, Kathleen. But if you have a rosy-red bird to share this week, I’m sure it would be lovely 🙂 There really is no cut-off date, other than for each week. I like to post a round up of everyone who joined Sunday Stills for the week, and I do the final compilation by Saturday afternoon. I’m seeing more engagement now that I added the links into the following week’s post.

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  2. Pretty in pink, Terri. Acers/maples are fabulous things. No chance in this climate and we weren’t very good at nurturing them in our UK home, but I do love them. Good luck with the homebuilding, hon. 🙂 🙂

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  3. Beautiful flowers and Valentines pictures Terri! I wonder if it’s the colour or that specific plant that made it bloom so early…….or maybe your green thumb? Ask the person you bought it from for their opinion?

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  4. One way not to stress. Put on something comfy and warm and have some hot chocolate. Your photos are gorgeous. You are so good to get water on all your flower pictures. That first rose is quite elegant right out of the shower. I also love Japanese Maple trees. In Oregon I had several and they grow beautifully. I think I killed several in the Central Valley before I gave up on them. You will have some for your new house, I’m sure. I hope this week goes well for getting things move-in ready! Here’s my present for you.

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    1. Aww, thanks so much, Marsha! We definitely have been staying cozy–fresh batch of cocoa and new lounging clothes from Costco! Everything in the RV is working properly again although we had to throw out some food. Good news from the electrical engineer! I’ll tell you on your post 🙂

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  5. Gorgeous flowers and plants! Love the Plumeria! Anna’s Hummingbird has been popular this week. Such a beautiful little bird. We enjoyed them while we were in Las Vegas (or the surrounding nature scene) around the strip. Your Woodpecker is not a Red-headed Woodpecker. Yes it has a red head and I’m sure that is all you meant, but it is an Acorn Woodpecker that I would love to see! It would be a life bird for me! I know you probably just called it a redheaded but there is actually a Red-headed Woodpecker. LOL! Fingers crossed that you have smooth transitions to all that is about to begin with your new home! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Lisa! Annas are popular here too but more seasonal–they’d freeze their fuzz off! An Acorn Woodpecker! No idea, and you are right that it was just a way to name it for the post. I took this pic on full zoom in a wooded area near the American River in Sacramento 4 years ago.

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      1. The Acorn WP is on my bucket list. Such a distinctive looking WP. That eye! Freeze their fuzz off…is right! Seeing the different Hummers is one of the main attractions to Vegas for me. 🙂

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      1. Hi Bernie. Thanks for giving it a read and, they are not well known or understood. You must be lucky to find them and even then, you’re out out in the woods and unlikely to have the means of looking them up at hand.
        I’ve seen them several times but even I had to look them up to produce this story as that they were a form of a mushroom was all I knew.
        Realizing this, I had to know more of their story.
        So now we all know.

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  6. I’m more of a chocolate person than a flower person, Terri. Give me a box of chocolates, and I’m happy. Give me flowers, and I’m wondering why they haven’t been left out in the wild where many more people can see them so that somebody (like me) who has the knack of killing them off within a few hours, can not harm them. You can’t kill chocolates, can you?

    Nonetheless, you’ve captures some beautiful displays, not only of flowers but of mother nature at her best.

    Here’s my offering this week. Am I thinking out of the box again?

    Hope all goes well with the electric supplier today.

    Have a great week.

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    1. I agree with the chocolate part, Hugh! I should have taken a picture of my friend’s Valentine gift from her husband. She was HOPING her husband wouldn’t get her ANOTHER box of chocolates. I’m not sure what is wrong with her, but they were wrapped in a red paper. So I give you the thought instead. Does that work? You have a great imagination. 🙂

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      1. Hehe, I suppose it’s how often he buys her chocolates, Marsha. No, I still prefer chocolates over flowers at any time. I can keep chocolates for months without killing them, but flowers seem to depart me within hours. 😂

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      2. I’m fairly allergic to fresh flowers in the house. So I much prefer chocolate. I made some chocolate chip cookies for Vince and covered them with fudgy chocolate frosting. So we both had our chocolate fix. 🙂

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  7. You always do such an amazing job with your photos for all these themes, Terri. I know how you will miss your yard and colorful neighborhood, your flowers and your hummingbirds, but you will make new fauna and flora friends in Washington soon! Plus, spring – and a move-in ready home – will be there before you know it. Sending you rosy hugs from Baja.

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  8. What a fabulous group of rosy red pictures! The rose is gorgeous, and I love the flowering quince! And I’m very impressed with the woodpecker and inspired by your Lumix (not to mention your photography skills) especially since I may very well end up getting one if I can’t get my Sony fixed! I hope to drop by with some rosy pictures later this week! 🙂

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  9. My folks had a Japanese maple as the centerpiece of their garden in the front yard. It was my father’s favorite and it broke his heart the year it was a victim of a major storm. Your image reminded me of him and his love for nature, which is where I learned the same. Hope your electrical meeting goes well so that you’re on the road to your new home soon. Your rosy red was a wonderful treat on a dreary, rainy day here on Kiawah so thanks very much for that!

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  10. Hi, Terri – Thank you so much for including a Roundup for last weeks #SundayStills post. This is very helpful for connecting with other #SundayStills participants.
    Your rosy reds are absolutely gorgeous. I especially love your shot of the Japanese Maple, as well as the one of the Red-Headed Woodpecker.
    See you next week at #FeedtheBirds!

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    1. It was a great suggestion and something I should have been doing all along, Donna. I had the inklinkz but not everyone linked. Feed the birds should be fun. I will have to dig into the archives, unless I can get a clear image of an eagle by then. Snow is falling for the next couple of days, so birds will be scarce!

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  11. There are some wonderful reds on those photographs. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. Looking through my photos, I don’t have enough red in them!

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  12. What a bright and happy post…red is so cheery. Like Deb, we call your plumeria a frangipani. They are out in force around the coast at the moment. My post has made photos of red flowers I have either grown in pots or seen…but the favourite photos of all are those with my granddaughter J Rose (her second name) in them.

    Thanks for your kind shout out and lovely comment left on my blog today. Lovely way to start my Monday!


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  13. I love all your rosy red shots Terri, the frangipani flowers (you call them by another name it seems) are a favourite as we can’t grow them where we are as it’s too cold. The Japanese Maple is a fabulous shot and such gorgeous deep reds. Like you, I mentioned birds in my post this week and I always enjoy seeing your hummingbirds :). You always project a rosy perspective and this post was a perfect example of this. I love the idea of a roundup of previous week’s participants and always try to visit as many as possible. Here’s my link for this week

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      1. Yes I can’t call them anything but frangipani I’m afraid! I enjoy the Sunday Stills challenge and look forward to it each week, although I can’t get my act together sometimes!

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  14. Just stunning photography Terri and isn’t the colour rosy red beautiful. I love the bougainvillea which we have here in Australia. Where I run there is an arbor with this growing over it and when the bougainvillea is blooming it is just stunning. Thanks again for another opportunity to participate in #SundayStills and to use the creative side of my brain. This week I’m Looking at life through rose coloured glasses Have a great week!

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  15. Terri,
    You have selected the perfect theme for this week’s Stills! I love your woodpecker. It is a different species than those living in the East, but very handsome! I went with a sunset for my contribution. We were in San Bernardino and the smoke from the fires in the area added some pink to the red sunset. Have a great week, Terri. Turning on the electricity will speed things up. Workmen work better when they have heat!

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  16. Love flowering quince. I don’t have one, but would love one. Love you photos. I had a beautiful red and white dahlia…wish I knew where that photo was. I may have to look for it and add it in.
    When we were in California a few years ago on a business trip, there was a plumeria in the yard of the rental we stayed in. So pretty. I never thought of sharing a sunset…silly me. I have some hummingbirds that stay around all year, even in this cold spell we are having.

    Here’s the link to my post.

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    1. Thanks, Kirstin! That quince was from a neighbor’s yard and I had to look up what kind of tree it was for this post, LOL! The further north we move, the less change I’ll have of seeing plumeria, oh well, maybe I need a greenhouse!

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  17. the woodpecker is gorgeous,. I’m not sure how the building process goes out there, but here once the power is connected things typically move along. Here they hook up a temporary pole for workers and permanent power is required for a certificate of occupancy.

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