This week’s theme is “fallen.” With Valentine’s Day approaching, you can use a play on words like “fallen” in love, or go with the more obvious showing things that have fallen: leaves, branches, flower petals, night, rain, hail, windsurfers, heroes, people… well, I will leave it to your creative and capable imaginations!

Here are some of my examples to kick off this week’s Sunday Stills’ theme of FALLEN.

Nature’s Fallen

“Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day.”

Shira Tamir

I love photographing fallen leaves. Their random patterns never cease to amaze me and I especially enjoyed this image from two years ago when leaves fell after Autumn rain.

fall leaves on ground

After a strong, spring storm, fallen debris and hail litter my former backyard deck.

Fallen debris from spring storm

Eroded basalt rock formations and fallen rock signify Mammoth Lake’s Devil’s Postpile.

Visiting Devil's Postpile Mammoth Lakes

Jacaranda trees bloom in San Diego in June. Their fallen purple petals make a delightful carpet!

Jacaranda Tree and Petals

Fallen pollen from a sunflower.

Fallen pollen on sunflower

Fallen debris inundate local rivers in Sacramento after the spring snowmelt from the nearby Sierra Nevadas. Hubby did a great job clearing our windsurf launch.

Fallen debris washed up into the delta

The Art of Fallen

Speaking of windsurfing, as winds blow strong, daredevils put their skills to the test with the inevitable outcome of fallen!

Missed loop, inevitable fall

An early, unexpected snowfall had fallen on the poor harvest decorations. At least they’re still smiling!

Too early for fallen snow

Another spring storm creates a carpet of fallen tree petals.

Tree blossoms scatter on top of walkway

“Every picture shows a spot with which the artist has fallen in love.”

Alfred Sisley

Fallen for RV Life

When explaining my blog theme to my husband, he offered the “fallen Roman Empire,” to which I countered, “I don’t have a photo of that.” This is an example of conversations we have daily, living in an RV with about 200 square feet of interior space.

Kudos to fellow bloggers Ingrid and Liesbet who live in each of their RVs full time with their respective spouses!

I do have this photo of the morning light flooding our RV campground. We love our trailer and I feel as though it is happy to have us living inside!

RV Camground home

I know it’s silly to believe our inanimate objects “feel” anything, but I like to think that as we inhabit a dwelling, whether it be on wheels or in a site-built home, its walls keep us safe, therefore igniting our spirits of adventure and wrapping us in peace.

HOME UPDATE: As of last week, the electrical pedestal was set up and is hooked up to the new home, but still needs to be connected to the power pole provided by our local electric company. This should have been done three weeks ago, but someone had fallen down on the job! Once that is done, the manufactured home contractor can work on the interior and get us closer to moving in.

The images shared today are the things I have fallen for and I hope you enjoy this week’s theme. I’m excited to see what images and other creative ideas you will come up with for the theme!

Be sure to join us next week for the monthly color challenge of Rosy Red! Have a wonderful week!

Camera graphic

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96 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: I’ve #Fallen For…

  1. Good Morning Terrie…..I love that on Sunday mornings I get excited to see what everyone has posted. I love your photos. I too love fall leaves so much. I love those quotes too. I know if I had gone out and taken pictures I could have found some great examples but alas, our weather has been terrible and the few days it was nice, I was at work. Arrggh. Thank you for hosting this and while I haven’t gotten out and taken many, it’s been so fun to look through my old photos.

    Excited for your house adventure and to see it continue to progress.

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    1. Thank you so much, dear Kirstin, for those kind words! I enjoy being part of a blog community and visit others posts and interpretations of the theme. I also enjoy looking at old photos, it hasn’t been the weather for many photo ops of late!


  2. Hi, Terri – Your photos are stunning as usual! I especially like the shot of the sun flooding over your RV. To chime into your question, I do believe that our energies fill all that is surrounding us. I am delighted to hear that your RV walls are filled with hope, optimism and happiness.
    One quick question is there a way to view all Sunday Stills posts for a particular theme? I’ve tried #SundayStills and WP Reader but have not yet been successful with this. I would like to support others joining in on #Fallen.

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    1. Thank you, Donna, I love how you put that about our energies! To answer your question, there is no real central viewing spot other than the post itself. I used to do an Inlinkz linkup but few bloggers really used it. I appreciate that and it’s best to come back to the post another day to see the links in the comments. I’ve thought about doing a weekly roundup like some bloggers do.

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      1. Thanks, Terri – This makes sense. I usually forget to leave my link and then I forget to come back later (I live on autopilot of email reminders for blog posts). If you ever do a Weekly Roundup, I’d be totally in (once your house is settled of course, and if it is not heaps of extra work). Until then, I will find ways to remind myself, starting with my link for this theme. 😀

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  3. Love the diversity of your images … beautiful. Had to laugh at the “Roman empire” comment. Al is right there with Hans and those kinds of comments. You should hear how some of our mornings start out. I’ve become very adapt at nodding and tuning out 🤣 RV survival 101!

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  4. These are terrific examples Terri, loved them all. Smiled at the smiling, snow-covered dolls and loved the purple carpet of fallen blossoms. Glad to hear work continues on your home-to-be. Take lots of photos of the process!

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  5. Venus and Mars! I hate it when Mick tries to be helpful- bless him! 🙂 🙂 Lovely images, Terri. There’s something romantic about fallen leaves, isn’t there? And I love those dolls sitting out in the snow. Rather them than me! Hope you can manage to cook your Valentine’s Day supper together. Have a good week! One step nearer…

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  6. HI Terri, we have certainly been on the same page this week and I actually did have a photo of the Roman Empire. At first I struggled with the prompt but finally came up with ideas I was happy with. As usual, I enjoyed looking at your photos and so pleased that your Home is moving forward. Hopefully you will be settled soon. Thanks for #SundayStills and here is my contribution
    #SundayStills – Fallen

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  7. Terri,
    Love your pictures. However, the best example of “fallen” is the one of someone that fell down on the job. As a former homebuilder, I understand completely. My contribution for this week’s Sunday Stills is an image of the roots of a fallen Giant Redwood. Have a great week. Stay warm up there. Joe

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  8. I love the image of the fallen fall leaves. Your picture of the plum tree blossoms reminds me of the walk I took this morning around our neighborhood. I saw so many ornamental pear trees in full bloom that I had to remind myself that, officially, spring doesn’t happen for a little over a month. I guess Mother Nature doesn’t have a calendar 🙂 I’m so happy that your new home is getting closer and closer to its move-in date!

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  9. Hi Terri. Great photos. I love the Jacaranda tree. They are spectacular. I saw some in Spain on holiday. Sorry I didn’t contribute something this time. Having a bad week and couldn’t rise to the challenge. You could say I fell!

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  10. Oh such fun isn’t it seeing yours and others’ ways in which to use the prompts. I will post mine on Thursday. Mondays are busy with my blog link up. Just coming out of the Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrations, the “fallen’ or “fallin'” in love is the theme I went with.

    Loved yours very much. I totally enjoy Jacaranda season too. Hope for more “good” news re your home as the weeks go on! I will be back with my post on Thursday.


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  11. ‘Fallen’ – I don’t think I’ve seen that word used in any challenge before, Terri. Therefore, no picture in the comment from me this week: instead, I will link back to you for my first Wordless Wednesday post of 2021.

    I’m pleased to hear you’re settling into the RV. And I hope the electric company get the outstanding work done this week.

    Your photos are so colourful. I love the thought of both fallen snow and fallen leaves.

    Have a great week.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yay, nice to be original for once, Hugh! Somewhere I posted an image of fallen leaves half buried under freshly fallen snow. Surprise! Keep your fingers crossed for getting this next important build phase done quickly. I’ll look forward to your post!

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    1. Thank you so much, Susanne! Those jacarandas seem to love temperate climates. I need to travel to Hawaii in summers to see other plant life! The windsurfer was one of Hans’ friends. Quite talented but learned how to fall!


  12. Hi Terri, this was a fabulous prompt and had me thinking all week ofd different ways to interpret fallen. I nearly didn’t do a post as I was very busy on the weekend but found time today to put my thoughts down, thanks in part to Donna’s encouragement!

    I’ve enjoyed looking at everyone else’s posts and how they’ve taken the word fallen and shown us their photos. I love all of yours, especially the sunflower pollen and the carpets of petals.

    Thanks again for getting my creative juices flowing!


  13. That is a beautiful series, Terri. I love the title of the theme. The action shot is stunning. The fallen tree petals is beautiful. I love the snow falling on the fall capture. 🙂

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  14. Lovely photos as always! My own favourite is the sunflower pollen – a different take on a much-photographed flower, and very effective 🙂

    It took me a while to decide what to post in response this week. As you may have observed, I like to stick to one topic, and this was a challenging theme – in a good way! Anyway, here’s what I came up with: I hope you like it!

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