My new camera and I are getting along just fine! Still have a lot to learn, but the macro close-ups are FUN!!

I couldn’t resist submitting another #April Flower for my Seasonal Sensations link-up, still going on! If you tried to link Friday, Inlinkz was having issues with my account. Everything is working perfectly, so head over to my link-up page.  if you want to link your floral-themed posts.

Happy spring poppies!The above photo of a poppy in my neighbor’s yard looks different than the California poppies we now see “popping out at parties” (as a drunk Lucy Ricardo would say after taste-testing Vitameatavegiman).

My eye saw something different, but when I downloaded the photos, apparently I had changed the filter setting to HDR and got this papery effect.

Other than a little post-editing with PicMonkey, frame, crop, and a little more contrast/shadow, the accidental effect and it’s beautiful orange colors are au naturel.

This photo is submitted for Musin’ with Susan’s Macro Moments Challenge, as well as the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Dense.

As always, I appreciate you stopping by! Don’t forget to link any floral-themed posts!

15 thoughts on “Macro Moments Challenge: Week 34–Papery Poppy

  1. Living my spring vicariously through you, Terri. We do have some green poking up in the plant beds on the southern side of our house but no blossoms yet. Don’t you love PicMonkey? I use it to and find it is easy and such fun to use.

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  2. I am brand new to blogging but I do very much love connecting with other bloggers ! I added my link to your link-up page, tweeted several of the photos and followed most of the blogs that posted pictures. I hope I am doing everything right :)) I look forward to meeting and participating with all the wonderful bloggers here.

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  3. I love the papery poppies. The first time they appeared in my garden I couldn’t recognize their leaves. I was sure they weren’t weeds, but I couldn’t remember what I’d planted that would look like that. Once they bloomed I had a garden full of Flanders poppies for Memorial Day. It was perfect.

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