Is there a doorway under the Sunrise Bridge?

With all the rain we got this past winter in Northern California, epic flooding in the rivers, lakes and streams was at an all-time high in 20 years. This photo shows a “doorway” view of the American River from under the Sunrise Bridge.

Interesting perspective! Hmmm, to where does that “doorway” lead and what could be lurking behind that “doorway?”

These other photos show the view of the bridge.

We are expecting another big storm event to bring snow into the mountains and rain to our area. The flooding has decreased significantly since these photos were taken in January, but the snow will begin melting in the Sierra Nevadas in late spring, early summer. Flooding may still be an issue as the dams release more water into both the Sacramento and American Rivers.

I linked this post to Norm 2.0 Thursday Doors photography challenge.

Let’s hope that whatever might be lurking behind the “door” will be flooded out!

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28 thoughts on “The Doorway Under the Bridge Leads To…?

  1. Great photos Terri. I remember driving from Oregon to Arizona for a job/move in the winter of 2008. It seemed I-5 was the only thing above water in northern CA. I think it was an El Niño year……when I arrived, the folks in AZ would complain if the clouds and rain lasted more than half a day.

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    1. Thanks, Pat! That might have been one of the years the hills were full of the orange spring flowers, it was a sight to see. BTW, congrats on winning the latest macro moments challenge 🙂


      1. Thanks Terri. Yes, California poopies… AZ we had the poppies mixed with lupine – orange, blue explosion in a beige background. Stunning. On my bucket list is the Carrizo Plain Natural Area between Santa Maria & Bakersfield. They say this is a good year to visit.

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  2. Well, that is a great take on the idea of “water under the bridge.” We have had non stop rain here too. I always love doorways because they make you wonder what is on the other side!

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  3. More rain and snow, huh? Wow. I hope we get a little bit (rain, not snow 🙂 ), but we may be done for the season. Don’t you just love all the water filling rivers and streams that have been parched for so long?

    Love your mysterious “door.”

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  4. Amazing photography and such creative doorways! Like your other readers, I am grateful for your generosity in sharing your photos with us!

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  5. That first photo is great. Not a doorway I’d like to pass through. Brrrr. It is raining again here as well, after a wonderful period with sun and blue skies. I’m a bit worried about all the snow melt as well this spring, especially when it coincides with more rain.

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