FREE Photos for Your Blog

If you are tired of constantly searching for supposedly free images online for your blog, look no further!

Welcome to my free photo page!

Lumix camera

I have thousands of photos I have taken over the years and I cannot possibly use them all!

I am happy to share a variety of them with anyone who is interested.

There is no obligation. You can use the photos any way you choose. Add your own watermark. Crop and edit to your heart’s content.

My only request is to NOT use these photos in photography challenges–you should take your OWN photos for that!

If you would like to give me credit for any photo you use, that is fine, but not required. If you do, a simple caption could read “Original photo by Terri Webster Schrandt.”

dropbox logoClick the DROPBOX LOGO which takes you to a file in my Dropbox account. You do not have to have Dropbox to access this file.

There are several folders containing a host of free images. These are photos that I have taken with my old digital camera, my Samsung Galaxy phones and my newest Lumix camera. I will add new folders and images weekly.

Current folders include landscapes, flowers, animals, cityscapes, sports, and general office. Visit on a regular basis for new folders and photos added weekly.