June’s cool ocean waters in San Diego.

Summer day at La Jolla
Cool waters at La Jolla

Sharing for Jez’ Water water everywhere

Join me for Sunday Stills as we explore “desserts or deserts.”


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40 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: Longing for Cool Waters

  1. What a great colour that water is, Terri. It makes it look so refreshing. Even I’d love a paddle in that, but only up to my knees. That patch of golden sand seems very small, though. I’d need a bit more to build a sandcastle. But it makes for a wonderful view.

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    1. The blues were especially amazing because it was drier than usual due to heat, Hugh. This area is called La Jolla cove which has a series of caves, nooks and crannies alongside cliffs and bluffs. Not a great beach area along these areas. Now the sea lions have taken over the beaches and no one is allowed near them. The La Jolla beaches are across the way and we spent many years hanging out there.

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  2. How I would love to be at the beach and swimming there. I found your link over at Hugh for #WordlessWednesday. I have also started to participate. Love the variety

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